Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lots Of Antique & Vintage Treasures Now Up For Sale!

Have been extremely busy today, listing loads more wonderful antique and vintage miniature goodies to KT Miniatures.
 A real diversity of eras, shapes, sizes and prices....ranging from Victorian to not so old. 


 This early 1900s German tin bath on stand just doesn't come along very often. There is a tiny tap at the end with an actual hole inside the bath so I assume that at one time, the tap could be turned on and off and water could be drained out of fabulous is that!
This fire guard intrigues me...have never handled one quite like this before and simply cannot figure out exactly how old it is. It certainly has some age but not sure if it could be classified as vintage or antique...does anyone recognise it?
Then there is this rather lovely Victorian German lithographed seat with green velvet upholstery. 
I love this gorgeous early1900s fully glazed and metal frame of a little boy. 
1930s Pit-a-Pat items are always is a bed & green velvet sofa.

All these and a lot more can be found on the various antique and vintage sections on KT Miniatures. If you click on the following link, it will take you through to the main Antique & Vintage Index Page.

 This little antique German bathing figure is another piece that doesn't come along very often and is very nice indeed. Would look fantastic in the German tin bath of the same era (as seen in the photos above).
I must confess, I had this for a while before it occured to me that it may unscrew......look what I found inside!
After a little bit of research I discovered that the barrel is celluloid and was available during the 1930s. The little doll inside is original to the barrel and on the outside it should read in black lettering......."The Smallest Bathing Doll In The World"....however the lettering has almost completely rubbed off my little barrel. Still...quite a rare little thing.

These dolls and others can be found on the following link:

A wonderful antique dolls house c1910 has just come in...more about that very soon.


Robin said...

What a fabulous collection - and I love them all pictured together - looks like a miniature antique shop to die for!

KT Miniatures said...

There are certainly some rather lovely items there Robin. Incedently......for anyone who may be interested-mystery solved over the fire guard! Apparently a customer kindly emailed to say that she recognised it to be one made in the 1990s by a highly skilled artisan who went by the name of Ken Ketteridge. Great stuff! Celia

Steinworks said...

it's always interesting to see things from the past :)