Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Few Miniature Victorian & Edwardian Dolls.....

Some rather lovely antique dolls house dolls have gone up for sale today.....
There is this exquisite bisque Edwardian little child doll with movable limbs. She is marked Germany on the back and appears to be in her original clothes, including bonnet and cape. A really nice detail are the oversewn limb pin heads, presumably to prevent the pin heads chaffing the material?

Then there is this teeny bisque doll, believed to be Victorian - her clothes are exquisite and she stands at just 3" high.

This little beauty is believed to be Victorian, with a china head and arms plus bisque legs. Her beautiful dress is a far more recent addition but even so, it probably has some age to it. 

Whoever made this dress must have been an accomplished needlewoman - the prolific bead embellishment as well as the loops that hook over tiny white beads to fasten the back, are simply lovely.

And I thought I would add these for good measure....although not dolls as such, these antique figures did come with an old dolls house in which they had been put to good use. There are two bisque figures, one wearing a beautiful bonnet and the other wearing a night cap.  The china figure that is missing an arm, is holding a pot. 
I think they are charming and can be found on the following KT Miniatures' page:

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