Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Very Special Grecon Doll Collection................

Occasionally I may get the odd one or two Grecon dolls in to sell....very occasionally I may get three or four....but rarely do I ever get in over 50!!!!
But this amazing collection, amassed over a long period of time with one or two quite rare ones tucked amongst them, have gone up for sale today on KT Miniatures. For those of you who are not familiar with Grecons...........they are dolls made with wire frames, bound in wool which are fixed to stuffed material heads. They usually have woollen hair (artificial hair in later years),drawn on facial features, painted lead feet, material clothes and various embellishments. You could bend their limbs into all kinds of positions and have been popular since Miss Cohn started making them back in 1936, and continued to do so for many years until the 1980s.

This collection of dolls have been much cherished and collected over many years.  They belonged to the mother of the previous owner. But now it was time to find a new home for each and every single one of them.
One of the most rare amongst the collection is this set of three dolls....characters called Columbine, Clown & Harlequin from the traditional pantomime story! Columbine the dancer has the most exquisite sparkly embellishments on all four layers of her tutu....and Harlequin's costume is amazing seeing it has simply been made with thread of different colours.  And the funny little creature in the middle is Clown. These were bought within minutes of them going up for not suprised as they are completey unique and I have never set eyes on any Grecons quite like them before.
Then there is this very odd but also very rare Charlie Chaplin Grecon....I will accept offers on him. He even has a tiny umbrella fixed to his hand.
One of my favourites of all these dolls has to be this posh gent.....he is so handsome in his regalia of top hat and unusually he has a walking stick.
Another favourite of mine is this Scotsman......with his tartan kilt and sash, and even a felt sporron. I love  his socks.......very cleverly made with a combination of red and green threads.
Then there is this bride and groom. I really love the pretty embroidered embellishments in the bride's hair.The groom looks like he's had one too many already...oops, actually he must have toppled over as I clicked on the camera...but didn't notice!Hahah......
These old grannies just make me smile!
Nurse and baby.
Haha...some of these look a bit shifty...don't you think!

Although many have already been sold or reserved, there are still quite a few Grecon dolls still available.


Robin said...

What an amazing collection!! Quite, quite fascinating1

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Robin. Yes.....nearly all have been sold...most are now on their way to lovely new homes. Celia