Monday, 25 February 2013

What A Fair-Stock Take Now Underway!

The Thame Fair last Saturday was a magnificent success....hundreds of you came through the doors and it was a fantastic atmosphere as always. As far as KT Miniatures was concerned, the fair was phenomenal and the best ever trading wise for me .....there were HUGE gaps on my stand very quickly and three dolls houses were sold.

Daughter Kate, my helper for the day, was kept busy and this is my stand by mid afternoon with very little left!

 Thank you to everyone who came and dropped by to say "hi".  It was lovely to meet so many customers-what great chats we had at times! Sorry for those of you who came looking forward to seeing the Antique French Trunk House & Musical Carriage - unfortunately I was not able to bring it as it was sold literally the day before!
 All the lovely volunteers on the charity Sales Table were kept busy right up until the end....a lot of money has been made so thank you to everyone who not only donated goodies but who bought so generously too. There were some amazing donations on offer.
Well done to the ladies of the local Thame Club - MTM, who not only ran the charity miniature tombola but put on a magnificent display as always of their work-just some of the display is seen above.

There were a huge team of helpers, not just from the club but from all over who helped on the charity tables including the raffle. It appears that lots has been raised for Breast Cancer Campaign although the amount raised is still unknown. I am still endeavouring to contact some very lucky raffle ticket  winners who left the fair before the raffle draw took place. So..if you bought a raffle ticket last Saturday and your phone rings over the next couple of could be me on the other end!!

There was a film crew floating around for a pilot tv show(I understand)  and I can honestly say that I have never had to pay the same lady the same change so many times, saying "thank you very much" so often!! (I won't win any Oscars for it I can tell you and it was only my hand in the shot I think)!!!lol

Unfortunately for those of you who couldn't make it to the fair on Saturday, I sold a lot of stock. Even so,  it is going to take me a while to sort everything out. I am currently undertaking a stock take  and it may continue over the next couple of days but hope to list all unsold items (both old and handmade) over the week.


About Me... said...

So happy to hear that the fair was a great sucess! Well done!


KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Jenn, it was a brilliant day. Celia