Thursday, 14 February 2013

Glass Lampshades & Some More Dol-Toi.

It is not often that vintage glass lampshades come into KT Miniatures but I am delighted to have put up for sale four quite unusual ones today.

Each shade measures 1 1/4" high with an attractive patterned finish, so although slightly larger than a traditional 1/12th scale shade, these would look fantastic in a vintage dolls house where scale does not matter. The previous owner has had these for at least 15 years but exact age or origin is unknown.
The patterned finish is quite random but very effective. There is just a hole at the top of each, no bulb or light fitting but it would not be too difficult to either adapt this to a modern light fitting or create some sort of fitting oneself.
All these can be found on the Antique & Vintage 1/12th scale General Page 

With the impending Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair next week on Saturday 23rd, much of my time has been taken up recently with creating stock for the fair, which has meant that my website has been rather static for a couple of weeks. However today, I have added some more rather lovely vintage 1/16th scale items from Marion Osborne's Collection to the Dol-Toi Page.
A Portable Electric Heater....One Of The Earlier Dol-Toi Fires.
A Four Poster Bed - Doesn't Come Along Very Often.
A Card Table With Green Flocked Top. 
My favourite listed today has got to be...........
A Pipe Cleaner Dog....Maybe Tomac?
Isn't he gorgeous..... I have put him with a stray basket that came with Marion's items. All are made from pipe cleaners but there is something particularly wonderful about this little dog's face...don't you agree?
And finally, .a couple of the more rare ephemera Dol-Toi items have also been listed this afternoon.
A 1950s Dol-Toi Radio Times.

A Dol-Toi Letter Rack Complete With Stationary.

Many of these items above simply do not come along very often but also listed on the Dol-Toi Page, from Marion Osborne's Collection are numerous ordinary Dol-Toi pieces at very reasonable prices.

Some of the Dol-Toi items that were listed this afternoon have already been snapped up but there are plenty more available.
To view, please go to the Vintage 1/16th Dol-Toi Page

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