Thursday, 1 November 2012


Am thrilled to bits.....but first of all I must thank my lovely customer in Miami who, without her persistence and enthusiasm, this gem of a company would never have been found. I received a phone call from this intrepid lady a few days ago with the news that the two old dolls houses had arrived safe and sound, fully intact and that I could now breathe a huge massive sigh of fact she could as well....yay!!!!

Yay...time to celebrate indeed!
If you have followed KT Miniatures over the years, you will know that after some not nice experiences in shipping old dolls houses....I finally put a block on posting my houses outside the UK once and for protect not just my own sanity but KT Miniatures' finances insurance proved to be a joke. lovely customer from the States came up with a proposition that if she could find a carrier who would come, pack the dolls houses themselves and deliver - taking away all responsibility and risk from me over packing and carriage......then would I consider selling her two dolls houses....... I found myself very nervously agreeing!

She found a brilliant company called Williams & Hill Forwarding Ltd. who I understand have an office in the States and UK. From the very beginning their service was incredible. Communication was excellent as James my UK contact regularly emailed and rang with updates.  My customer told me that the dolls houses arrived in a very large crate with a huge amount of they had been well protected.
 I have to say that even the two gents that came to collect, handled these dolls houses with great care and I was very impressed. People who know me well will tell you that I am not easily fact I can be incredibly pernickety!!! But impressed I certainly was. This company are used to dealing with high value antiques and works of art so they have to be expert at packing.
I know from communication received from overseas customers that it has been a source of irritation that I would not post big, fragile dolls houses outside of the UK-so hopefully now we have found a solution. However please remember that every single transaction will be different as all kinds of criteria will need to be considered including destination, size and weight, as well as whether it goes by air or sea.  But to have this now tried and tested service available for KT Miniatures' large and  fragile dolls houses, is to be celebrated!

So folks, if you are overseas and would like to purchase a dolls house (or two) from KT Miniatures then as long as you are willing to make your own arrangements with William & Harris Forwarding Ltd for collection, packing and delivery - this is now an option available to you.

 For UK Delivery
This same company will deliver within the UK too so for those of you who are not able to collect a big, old and extremely fragile dolls house in person from me here in Thame, Oxfordshire, this option could be available to you.

 If anyone would like more info about exploring the possibility of purchasing one of KT Miniatures dolls houses and using this delivery service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or visit their website: 


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am really happy you discovered this company, both for you and for the miniaturist who will benefit from their services.
Big hug,

Robin said...

What a happy ending and a perfect solution for you and your collectors.
MUST just comment on your wonderful illustrations today....what a treat!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Giac.....yes lets hope so. Am impressed with the company so far.

Robin....cheers mate. yep, there was a fair bit of nail biting going on whilst the houses were in transit, as you well know. But the service was brilliant. The coloured image is from a late 1800s children's book picked up for snip in an antique emporium, as all the pages were falling out and some were missing....perfect for KT Miniatures use!!

jenann said...

Thank you for giving the name of this company! My husband has a few precious items still languishing in the US that we couldn't find a safe way to bring here when we married in 2000.

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Jenann. You are welcome.....if you are based in the UK, ask for James Fothergill and say that KT Miniatures recommended them! Good luck and I hope they can help you. Celia

Rick said...

Yay indeed! I'm glad they arrived intact, and that you now have a reliable source for shipping to the U.S.!

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Rick....let's hope that other dolls houses will embark over the "pond" safely! Celia