Friday, 23 November 2012

A Rather Lovely c1930s Tri-ang Stockbroker!

A gorgeous circa 1936-38 Tri-ang Stockbroker dolls house has been put up for sale this afternoon, amazingly in original condition.....including all the wallpaper, flooring, fireplaces, bath, cooker, kitchen sink and dresser plus of course, all the windows! has the elusive second chimney and set of steps...which are often missing.  As the second chimney and steps were supplied loose they were easily mislaid over consequently there are a lot of Stockbroker dolls houses out there missing these! 
I have promised the previous owner that this will go to a good home, which I have no doubt it will as this really is one for the serious collector. She told me this wonderful story on how when she was a baby, back in 1965, her builder father set off to an auction with the intention of buying two ladders for his work. However, he returned from the auction with this dolls house instead! Haha....fathers eh!

Anyone who knows about Tri-angs...will know that this particular model is big and you need a lot of space to fit it in. It measures just under 47 ½” wide x 17 ¼” deep x 24” high (when the loose chimney is perched on – it measures approx 26” high).

The original papers are lovely....and as you can see in the kitchen,there is that infamous amoeba patterned wallpaper and blue/white tiled flooring. Is great to have the original wooden kitchen furniture of a dresser, gas cooker and sink. We know that the gas cooker replaced the wooden range in the Stockbroker models around that helps us with the dating of this dolls house.The hinges have come away from the main carcas on the left frontage......but should not be too difficult to rehang.
 Plus this particular bathroom wallpaper design was believed to be in existence until about 1938/ this is how I arrived at the dating of this house. As you can see, the bath is still in place is so pleasing to have these original features still intact!

The front door with its metal letterbox, knocker and handle opens to reveal the hall, carpeted stairs and landing. Again, you can see the original flooring and wallpaper, plus the landing has a strip of ballustrade.
The right frontage opens to reveal the living room and second bedroom, both with the fireplaces, flooring and wallpapers. The papers are glorious, still vibrantly rich in colour. There is a door leading into the side porch.

Then there is this side porch........I absolutely adore this feature. I think probably because it stems back from my childhood and we had a kind of back porch on our old 1930s lodge house....but nothing as grand as this. There is a little blue bench tucked inside the porch and as you can see, the side door with a full set of door furniture ie. knocker, letterbox and handle. Another lovely feature is the sundial above the porch, on the chimney stack.The dial bit is metal and the rest is a printed card image......very attractive.

 This dolls house is now available to purchase with a 10% Special Christmas are all my other antique and vintage dolls houses currently for sale on KT Miniatures. This Special Offer lasts until the 3rd December. 

TOMORROW'S WORKSHOP so looking forward to our last workshop of the year tomorrow (I know Robin is too).......the project is called
 It is certainly going to be a real fun project to do. 

Rumour has it there will be mulled wine, mince pies and even choccies in constant supply! Should be a good day. 
So to all the ladies that are coming.....see you there, bright and early at 10.00!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
That house is just superb. It is enchanting. It must be wonderful to see and touch all the wounderfuls tructures.
I love looking at your posts.
Big hug,

Rachel said...

This is a gorgeous house! Love the green window frames and shutters and little flowers climbing up the wall. Lovely wallpapers too!

KT Miniatures said...

Giac.... glad you are enjoying KT Miniatures Journal. Yes, I absolutely love my job and feel very lucky that I get to handle so many wonderful treasures. Shame I can't keep them all!! is lovely isn't it? It is incredible to think that even after 74 years, this is in such wonderful condition and the wallpapers still retain such vibrancy.