Thursday, 11 October 2012

Two Of Marion Osborne's Books Now Available Direct From KT Miniatures...

I am pleased to announce that Marion Osborne's two most recent reference books are now exclusively available from KT Miniatures. Her books are quite unique and filled to the brim with invaluable information to the vintage dolls house collector. Marion's prime objective these days is to concentrate on writing more books and so consequently has passed over responsibility for distribution/production to KT Miniatures,(I understand that her next book in the offing is a book on Tri-ang furniture).
The Book Of Dol-Toi By Marion Osborne
The Book Of Tri-ang Dolls Houses 1919 To 1971 By Marion Osborne
A disk of photos accompanies each book and although the books  themselves do contain catalogue pages for illustrations, please note that if you do not have access to a computer, you will not be able to view the photos on the actual disk.

Every book with accompanying disk of photos is priced at £25.00 each plus postage and packaging. Each book weighs about 800gms so a bit pricey to post but will be well worth it and gauranteed to give much pleasure for years to come.
These books are unique and a 'must have' for any serious vintage dolls house collector.
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The last remaining book from the original three published many years ago, 1914-1941 A-Z Of Dolls Houses by Marion Osborne, can still be ordered direct from Marion. See my Recommended Reading Page for her contact details.

Tomorrow....I have some exciting news of Marion's vast Dol-Toi watch this space!

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