Monday, 8 October 2012

Back From Travels - A Rare c1920s-1930s Dolls House!

Well.....after several days of dashing up and down the country picking up stock and meeting some very nice people, am finally back from my travels ready to burst forth with loads of lovely vintage goodies on KT Miniatures!

To begin with, there is this rare dolls house....I think you'll like it.

c1920s-1930s Dolls House
Just gone up for sale this afternoon, an unusual and quite large c1920s-1930s dolls house. It is beautiful!!! There are some real quirky details and this house simply oozes character.
It consists of four rooms, with staircase, two interior doors and built in fireplaces plus a kitchen range.
All windows are fully glazed with real glass.......and just look at this oriel window! So very evocative of the 1920s/30s era!!!
Textured glass is incorporated into the handpainted brick frontage - all very art deco in shape and style. The panelled garage doors open to reveal a very spacious garage interior....just think what you can put in there!
The Tudor styled gabling, the wonderful slatted roof, weatherboarding at each end plus some magnificent chimneys are some more of the rather lovely features to this house. Maker is unknown but the creator has incorporated some glorious shading on the roof and quite professionally painted foilage in parts.
Then there is this attractive paving....two different colours and types. I have not seen any quite like these before but very cleverly done.

Each end of the house is bordered by handpainted brick effect pillars with chains strung across......the hooks were there but the chains had long gone so I strung pieces of vintage chain across and aged a little with burnt umber paint...can easily be unhooked if necessary.

For Full Details Of This Listing....CLICK HERE

Also just come in is a 1930s Dolly Mixture dolls house. But more about that tomorrow.



Robin said...

Wow! This is absolutely fabulous - love all the quirky little details!

Chas Brennan said...

What a wonderful dolls house, everything about it - especially the colouring - is so evocative. I have a contemporary 1/12 Edwardian-style shop/house, which I'm scene-setting in 1948 Britain. I hope I can capture something like the atmosphere of this little treasure.

KT Miniatures said...

I thought you'd like it Robin!

Chas....many thanks for your comments - it is quite a special dolls house this. Both exterior and interior is unusually in original condition (there has been no over painting or redecorating of any kind) - so the colours are true 1920s/30s and gives it quite a presence! Your project sounds rather fascinating. For anyone creating or restoring a dolls house of this era, may find the room colours a very useful reference point. Please do email photos when you've finished your project...would love to see it!Celia

Giac said...

Hello KT,
It is magnificent! What a wonderful dollhouse and it is fairly well conserved. It has such grace and charm. Just lovely.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

It is rather nice isn't it Giac....a real beauty! So refreshing to be in total original condition too.Celia

Chas Brennan said...

Hello Celia
Thanks so much for your interest in my 1948 project, I only began this summer so it's likely to take ages yet - apart from anything else, it's a four-storey house - but if you ever have a moment, I'm blogging it on I'm longing to get to the decorating stage but any retro info and photos such as yours are invaluable references. I love looking at your current Dol-Toi collection, what a feast! I've hung on to a few pieces from my own old dolls house, such as the art deco teapot in my latest post (no maker's mark unfortunately). It's rather large at 1/16 but it's definitely got to have a place in the new house too.
With best wishes

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Chas....I will go and check out your blog!Celia