Friday, 12 October 2012

Rare Dol-Toi Bungalow c1966-1968...and The Marion Osborne Dol-Toi Collection!

Once in a while, I have the task of selling an occasional small collection of vintage dolls house items; however it is not often I have a vast collection to sell, including quite rare items!! But yep folks, that is just what I have here.....and how very exciting it all is too!!!
Marion Osborne has been collecting Dol-Toi dolls house furniture and accessories for literally years and years, all in the quest for research which culminated in her wonderful reference book, The Book Of Dol-Toi Dolls House Furniture & Accessories.
As the book is now written, the vast collection is beginning to gather dust and is all surplus to Marion's requirements.  I feel very privileged although a little overwhelmed, to have been given the task to sell Marion's items on her behalf. Am not kidding folks.....there are boxes and boxes of wonderful little treasures here. It is going to take a while for me to sort out into some kind of order and begin listing but in readiness, all original KT Miniatures Dol-Toi stock (which did not amount much) have been taken off  KT Miniatures  Vintage Dol-Toi Page . Very shortly,  I hope to begin listing all sorts of Marion's pieces on there, as and when I can. So please do keep looking....I will highlight the first batch on KT Miniatures Journal when the listing has gone live.
However, the very first item of the collection is now available for purchase........

Image Of Old Advert- Courtesy Of Marion Osborne's "The Book Of Dol-Toi"
 In all my 16 years of trading, I have never handled one of these....needless to say, they are quite rare.
It is very simple in construction, made entirely from wood, consisting of three rooms with a hinged opening flat roof.  
There is a front flocked "forecourt for garden furniture" it is described in an old advert. This is quite a nice feature and gives extra scope for display for the collector.
Red striped material attached to a metal rod with hooked ends, slots into each window edge. Each window has green fixed shutters.
Front View With The Blinds Down
So there you have it.....a simple but rare and attractive little dolls house, quite evocative of the 1960s......a fantastic addition to any serious vintage dolls house collection.
To view full listing, click on the following link:

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