Friday, 14 September 2012

Unusual c1930s Three Piece Suite & What About Those Drawers!!!

Listing of old items on KT Miniatures has begun in earnest today. Amongst some of the more unusual pieces is this rather wonderful c1930s rexine and material three piece suite.
These chairs are of solid wooden construction, so consequently extremely heavy and very well made. I am not sure if they have been commercially manufactured or homemade but whoever did create them, knew what they were doing.
The material is just very 1930s plus there is a co-ordinating braid that edges along the lower seat.
Even the base underneath has been upholstered with hessian, just like real life size upholstery......wonderful!
This amongst lots of other miniature goodies can be found on the

Another unusual old piece is this kitchen cupboard, make and origin unknown but came with a 1930s dolls house.
At first glance it looks quite average and not disimilar to the smaller 1/16th scale Barton kitchen cupboard. However, when you open the drawers you will see a rather nice touch!
How wonderful is this! Whoever created this added some cutlery/utensil compartments for the occupants of the dolls house to keep their bits in order!!!!LOL
This can be found on the Antique 1/12th Kitchen Page.

Various antique and vintage 1/12th and 1/16th miniatures have gone up for sale today.  Please do go check out my website.  
However, do remember to refresh each page on my website in order to see the latest updates......otherwise you may just be viewing what you saw last time and the time before that!!!!

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