Thursday, 13 September 2012

Had A Little Help With My Stocktaking....And THE DOLLS' DAY By Carine Cadby.

I would just like to start by saying a special thank you to lovely Hannah, a currently unemployed chemistry graduate who helped me out for a few days whilst gaining a little work experience behind the scenes of KT Miniatures. She had no idea what she was letting herself in for but I think she enjoyed it! Her first task was to embark on a massive stock-take of all the vintage and antique items so now everything in those specific sections on KT Miniatures' website are well and truly in order. Then she came along for a stock buying trip to Oxford.  Her eyes were opened further into the world of vintage miniatures but now her short time with me is over and KT Miniatures is rather quiet once more!  

Boxes of "new" vintage/antique stock have been sorted and shortly I hope to start listing these on KT Miniatures website. Plus I also have at least two more vintage dolls houses to go up for sale - c1930s Tri-ang No 24 (a restoration project for someone) plus an early 1900s that will need some tlc,  but more about those in the next day or so.
And now for something different..... as you may have seen on KT Miniatures Journal before, I am a real sucker for old children's books. Whilst at an Oxfordshire car boot sale the other Sunday morning, I gravitated to an elderly gentleman's stand and amongst some rather lovely old things I found this wonderful book. 

It is called THE DOLLS' DAY By Carine Cadby and this particular copy is a first edition c1915.
The book is filled with some wonderful staged black and white photos of a little girl called Stella and her dolls - Charles, Belinda and "The Baby". It tells the story of how these dolls come alive and their adventures.
The stall holder told me that it belonged to his late wife and that he was finding it difficult to let it go.  But  he went onto say that there really was no-one else to pass it onto and wanted it to go to a good home....well, I assured him that it was!

Everything about this little book is enchanting and it will sit on my bookshelf amongst the rest of my collection of old books for ever more. Hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos.


anna said...

what a beautiful book! it is a treasure!! i looke dthe name up..Mrs Cadby must have been an early photograher!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Anna...yes,have been Googling Mrs Cadby and there is quite a bit of info about her on the internet. Would be interesting to find some of her other work now. Celia

Rick said...

These are wonderful photographs, thanks for sharing them with us Celia!

Robin said...

What a glorious book! Lucky you - nice to think it will continue to be loved.

KT Miniatures said...

You are welcome Rick. Glad you like the photos. Isn't it amazing to think they were taken nearly 100 years ago!

Robin - bet you can guess which car boot sale I bought this from!Celia