Saturday, 22 September 2012

Two Very Different Magazines & A Little Obsession!

I would just like to tell you about Pretty Nostalgic, this wonderful and relatively new magazine that drops through my letterbox every couple of months. If you love all things vintage and are a bit arty/crafty then you will undoubtedly love it.  (Being the "the other half" of Nostalgia In Miniature's no suprise then that I'm rather partial to this magazine!)LOL
I've just recently received issue as you can see, it's quite a new publication. The strap line on their website states " The independent vintage lifestyle magazine celebrating everything that's brilliantly British" which just about sums it up really. This is certainly no ordinary magazine, in fact Pretty Nostalgic looks and feels more like a book than a magazine.. quite different in every aspect and utterly inspiring. This latest issue features all kinds from The Anatomy Of 1920s Style and Vintage Cycling, to Vintage Sewing Machines and Ways Of  Upcycling A Woolly Jumper! Click on the following link to see their website.
Now a magazine of a different kind......the latest September issue of the online Dolls House Past And Present website is out now. Edited by Rebecca Green, this latest issue is superbly informative as always, tackling a whole array of subjects including  Pit-a-Pat Radios, A Christian Hacker House, A 1940s House and Restoring A Tri-ang.  Rebecca has also written an excellent article on Dolls House Designs From The Woodworker c1917-1970. Fabulous!!!! Do go check it out.

And now for my little obsession!
 It's been a while since I visited Miniatura at the NEC.....(has been much longer since I used to exhibit at Miniatura.)....but tomorrow (Sunday), I plan to be a visitor on the "other side of the table"....which will be nice. Am looking to meet up with some old artisan friends and will be on the look out for a special mini purchase (or two) for my little old attic room box that you see a glimpse of here. As it sits up on the shelf above my computer, I see it every day and has now become a bit of an obsession!  It started out as a simple Thame Club project and of which I showed a bit of it's beginnings and what I though was its ending on earlier KT Miniature postings. But I just can't help tweaking it a little here and a little so enjoying having something of my own. Normally I make room settings to sell and off they go, never to be seen again!
So....if I purchase any magical miniature goodie tomorrow....I will let you know.


Robin said...

Happy to join you in your obsessions!! Pretty Nostalgic is exactly the beautifully produced mag. I've been waiting for - and with a background in 'craft' I'm right there recycling my old jumper too. LOve your attic!!

Giac said...

Hello KT,
Thanks for telling us about the magazine, and have fun finding treasures for your lovely roombox.
Big hug,