Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday Catch Up......a breather in between making.

Well I simply cannot believe that its already the 16th and we are  halfway through January. Where's the first half of January gone?!!! With "the big event" looming rapidly next month, I currently classify my passing of time on exactly "how many more creating days until Thame Fair"! I'm sure other artisans who are coming to Thame,  feel the same.

It has been soooooo cold up in my loft workroom for the past couple of days and now my little heater has well and truly bust I have had to move my "workroom" down to the kitchen table where its considerably warmer! What I did not bank on was Molly, the eldest of our two cats, suddenly develop a passion (& talent) for yanking out strips of my newly arrived wood right out from the box it arrived in and chew on it. She has NEVER done anything like that before....good job the wood is intended for some distressed miniatures then....shame her teeth marks are not in keeping with the 1/12th scale though!!!

Today, I took a much needed breather from creating and have spent the entire day photographing and listing vintage miniature goodies onto KT Miniatures website.
So currently available on the Vintage Barton 1/16th Page, are various furniture pieces from the Barton Tudor & Jacobean Range, such as this table and monk's bench plus chairs.  
There is also this court cupboard, with the distinctive Barton moulding and engraving.  This particular example has a crack in the upper door though,  so is being sold at a greatly reduced price than if it was in pristine condition.  The coffer is a nice versatile piece and could be used in other rooms, as well as the dining room.   All these Tudor pieces would look great  even in  a pre-war dolls house,as the Jacobean look was quite trendy in the 1920s/30s houses.
Amongst some of the other more unusual pieces are some highly sought after Tiny Toy furniture, circa 1930s. This piano has a mottled black and brown finish and it came with the stool however I am not convinced that the stool is the original one, as there is no mottled colouring, just simply dark varnish.
An instantly recognisable piece is this upright bureau, in the more distinctive red and gold mottled finish that Tiny Toy are renowned for. All these Tiny Toy pieces can be found on the Vintage 1/16th Others Page. is one of my real favourites just listed today....a 1930s German chair.....isn't it wonderful!? This can be found on the Antique 1/12th Living/Dining Page.

Over the next few days, I have lots more vintage pieces to list onto the website....but will have to do so in between the creating. So please do keep checking the website and don't hesitate to email or ring to reserve..

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