Monday, 2 January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM KT MINIATURES - Back open for business

After a truly fabulous festive break, KT Miniatures is now back open for business.
Over the holidays, I visited one of my many brothers who dug out from his loft,  a gorgeous old illustrated dictionary, that we all each had in turn as kids through the 1950s and 60s. I will be using it for a project that I am working on. Flicking through it again has brought back so many wonderful sentimental real favourites as a child were the picture of the dolls house and little girl "nursing" her doll.....arn't they just wonderful....although oh dear, some naughty person scribbled the pillow in pen...ummm...(am blushing as I type)!
Oh to be five years old again! I now embark on my 16th year of trading....I would just like to wish you all a


Mags Cassidy said...

As a child of the 'fifties' books like this hold much appeal for me!

Rachel said...

This book is so nostalgic, although I was a seventies child we had books like these from my older brothers and sisters, I love the Illustrations! Look forward to seeing your new project -Happy New Year!

carmen said...

feliz año nuevo

KT Miniatures said...

Happy New Year to you ladies and thank you for taking the time to comment. Not sure what it is, maybe it is pure nostalgia, but these old illustrations have such a charm and the colouring such a wonderful patina about them. Celia