Thursday, 5 January 2012

Late 1940s Barton & Dol-toi Furniture

At last I have been able to embark on photographing and listing more 1/16th scale vintage items on KT Miniatures website. Amongst those listed today are some late 1940s pieces...all that came with a c1948 dolls house.
You will instantly recognise this as a green painted Barton dresser, that was readily available during the 1950s.  

However, apart from knowing that the previous owner was given this with her lovely dolls house in 1948 for her birthday, on the reverse is the tell tale diamond ink stamp that could be found on Barton furniture from 1946 to 1948/9.
The previous owner also was given a matching table and chair plus sink, but these do not have the diamond ink stamp. I understand though that from 1948 Barton introduced a red and black label that was gummed to the reverse of the furniture.....all of which had a tendency to fall off. In fact, I have to say that I have yet to handle a piece of Barton furniture with a gummed label on.
These Barton pieces can be found on the VINTAGE BARTON 1/16TH PAGE.

Other accompanying furniture from the same 1948 dolls house are some interesting Dol-Toi pieces such as this pale green piano and pink stool.
There is this very nice wooden standard lamp with original patterned card lampshade plus a real favourite of mine, a wooden bookcase with all original nine Dol-Toi books - all of which are in remarkably good condition considering they are 64 years old! What is particularly nice is there are actually three shelves on this bookcase, as if you look carefully the top has a small ledge - perfect for ornaments or plants etc.
These can be found on the VINTAGE DOL-TOI 1/16TH PAGE

I will continue listing more furniture from the same 1948 dolls house plus other vintage items over the next few days.