Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dol-Toi - Some Interesting Pieces!

I have been listing various vintage 1/16th scale Dol-Toi furniture and accessories up onto KT Miniatures over the past 24 hours...including some highly sought after Dol-Toi pieces that we just don't see very often.
For example.......this 1950s Dol-Toi Soda Syphon, Bottle & Metal Tray. So rare and highly sought after is this, that as soon as it was listed, it was snapped up. Sorry for all of you who were pipped at the post and had wanted to buy this. Maybe one day, we will get another set in...however, have to say that in all of my 15 years of trading, this is the first Dol-Toi soda syphon I have handled.
Then there is an incomplete set of  plastic Dol-Toi ovenware...which includes a mixing bowl, casserole (missing it's lid), some pudding basins, flan dish etc. Yes, some bits of this set are missing but seeing as these pieces are so tiny...its not suprising.

Also, just recently come in is a lovely collection of Dol-Toi that belonged to an equally lovely lady from my old stomping ground.....Gloucestershire. She told me that her father used to own a toy shop back in the 1950s when she was a little girl and so was ideally placed to get bits for her dolls house- most of which was Dol-Toi. She felt that it was time for it all to go as it was just sitting up in her loft.....(this is so often the case with many people), and hopes they all find their way to good homes.

Amongst her little collection was a little pink Dol-Toi bathroom suite (see above)...not that unusual in itself....however what is unusual is to have an accompanying laundry bin with lift up lid....nice!
Then there is this lovely Dol-Toi Bureau....with a drop down leaf, lined with green felt. Again, this is not that unusual but what is rare are the accompanying little envelopes addressed to "Dol-Toi Villa, Toy Town" and the notepaper headed "Dol-Toi Villa"!
This kitchen cupboard has a pretty blue Formica type covering on the work top. This particular piece could actually look good as a small cupboard in a 1/12th scale house. I used one like this, in a past project....a 1950s 1/12th scale Lean-To project (click here to view past blog from 2010)
Another more unusual piece that does not come along very often, is this little wooden settle with a lift up seat. Would suit various rooms of the vintage dolls house, even the hall?

I will continue to add more pieces of this quite extensive 1950s collection of Dol-toi  to my website over the next few days.   Click on the following link to view the Dol-Toi Page: 


My Realitty said...

I LOVE these. I like the Dol toi group on Flickr too. The siphon is especilly nuce! CM

KT Miniatures said...

I didn't know that there was a Dol-Toi group on Flickr....thank you "My Realitty"for letting me know. I must go and investigate.....

I expect Dol-Toi is popular because many of us grew up with many of these little bits and pieces. Celia

Dave Williams said...

It all looks nice and quite good condition, I do like the tray with the bottle and siphon.

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers for comment Dave.....nice to hear from you. Glad you were able to leave a comment on here tonight - there certainly appears to be a few Gremlins around again with these blogs, doesn't there? Celia

Sandra Morris said...

The tiny envelopes still in the bureau are a wonderful find!

Wish I'd kept all the stuff from my childhood doll's house...I keep recognising things in your blog that I had as a child. Long gone now though....