Monday, 5 September 2011

c1950s/60s Chad Valley "Rose Cottage"

I am a great fan of vintage tin dolls houses. The sheer vibrancy of the colours and the lithograped designs on several of the various tin houses that were available, are magnificent. Some furnishings and often furniture are often incorporated into the lithographed images on walls of these tin houses.  Such is the case with this stunning 1950s/60s Chad Valley "Rose Cottage" - absolutely gorgeous!
What is wonderful about this open backed four roomed  house is that it is complete and ready to assemble yourself in it's original box -all in fantastic condition. I cannot say that it has never been erected, because one look at the tabs that slot into allocated holes for construction, you can see they have been used. Plus the roof and chimney have obviously been erected at one time, then flattened again so as to fit into the box. 
The sheet with full assembly instructions is present, as you can see.
All nine pieces are present and correct - fully intact.
The front is extremely attractive- lithographed details of an old cottage complete with timbering and shutters. On the other side of this front piece you will find the inside decor of four rooms.
As you can see, the colouring is so pretty - I particuarly love the cottage flower bed images that is found all the way around the outside of the house. Not  a weed in sight!

 On the inside of these side pieces too, are images of the interior.

There are two interior dividing walls plus two floors that insert into place.

Finally there is a "tiled" roof and "brick" chimney which you need to bend into shape, as per the instructions.

It is so refreshing to have a tin dolls house of this age that shows no rust or damage.  In fact, apart from just one or two teeny scratches, this is indeed immaculate.
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Robin said...

How absolutely fabulous!!!!

Eliana said...

Lovely house!

Ester Kiely said...

Oooh...I got this exact doll's house from Santa in the 70's. I absolutely loved it, but wished the front door could big brothers decided to intervene and cut out the door and added hinges from a Meccano set. Health & Safety concious we were not!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Ester
It is lovely, isn't it. Have to say your comment re: your brothers cutting a door out for you, gave me a good old titter!!! Celia