Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Miniature Version Of A Hoover 262 Vacuum Cleaner - Made By DCA

I have recently put up for sale on KT Miniatures website a wonderful vintage miniature version of a Hoover Model 262 vacuum cleaner. It is an upright model and comes complete with the original flex and two pin plug on the end....fantastic!

On the base of the model there is an abundance of helpful markings and apparently this miniature vacuum cleaner was made in England by a company called DCA. A quick search on Google reveals that this particular 262 model  (the real life sized one) was first made in 1939 then produced again after the war by Hoover from 1945 to 1949.

To be honest, I have seen this particular miniature vacuum cleaner before and  always assumed that it originated from the 1950s.  But an advert that was kindly forwarded to me by Marion Osborne, shows that this miniature upright version of the Hoover 262, although made by DCA,  was actually being sold in 1948 by a company called Bailey’s Agencies of 51 Farringdon Road, London EC1.

(Special thanks to Marion Osborne for kind permission to use this image)

As you can see from the old advert, the little hoover was being sold for just 2/1d!  The only piece of information that I have been able to find out about Bailey’s Agencies is that it no longer appears to be in existence at that address.....and that no 51 Farringdon Road is now a cafe. I have also endeavoured to find out more about this DCA company but sadly to no avail. The only other known dolls house size item to my knowledge made by DCA, is a Jones Sewing Machine. To date, I have never been able to lay my hands on one of those and have only ever admired from afar....they are like gold dust and more valuable than the vacuum cleaner!

Does anyone have any information about the DCA company or even Bailey’s Agencies that you can share with us on here? (I can't even find out what the initials DCA actually stand for). Also, other than the vacuum cleaner and sewing machine, does anyone know of anything else that DCA made for dolls houses?

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Robin said...

I'm sure this is a really silly thing to say, looks so REAL!
I hope you manage to track down DCA - it's a proper detective story.

KT MIniatures said...

It is rather lovely isn't it Robin and yes I agree, compared to some other vintage dolls house hoovers, this one is quite realistic. I suppose I love it as it reminds me so much of a similar one we had in real life, during the '60s. I am intrigued about the DCA company though. Just knowing what the initials stand for would be a start and hope that someone out there knows.

J said...

Having been tempted by, and bought this little Hoover I can only say that it is absolutley gorgeous!! I've seen a similar but damaged one on ebay recently-I cant believe this is complete-the flex is so delicate. Now about those Romside windows I was ACTUALLY looking for.......!

miniaturista said...

A todo detalle, perfecto.
Un abrazo