Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Unique 1950s Dolls House

This adorable little dolls house has just gone up for sale today on KT Miniatures website. It is handmade and believed to have been created for a little girl called Susan in the 1950s.
There are some really nice touches to this house with much of the original handmade furniture (all included in the sale).

I love the little round window at the top of the house which looks into a loft room and the way the chimney has been designed as a handle!

My favourite room has to be the bedroom as it still retains it's original handmade bed with bedclothes, dressing table with pull out drawers.

A REALLY LOVELY touch.....a built in wardrobe with sliding door. Inside there is still a felt coat on a hangar.....gorgeous!
The kitchen is a bit of a mix. I think the shelf with hooks is original but the sink and cooker are plastic and different scale ie. more like 1/16th whereas the other furniture is more like 1/12th scale. So I believe these are later additions.

The lounge has a wonderful embroidered carpet that sets off the two handmade armchairs and table, all original to the house.

Another really lovely touch is the loft rooms, accessed by a lift off back roof panel....clever!
For more info, CLICK HERE


Robin said...

Ahh! It's such a sweet little house - just my era!

Sandra Morris said...

I had a house not dissimilar when I was a child, although my grandfather made it for me from scratch.

Lots of the furniture and accessories looks familiar too.

It's amazing that it's still in such good condition...

KT MIniatures said...

Now thats interesting Sandra. Do you still have your old dolls house tucked away somewhere? Yes, this particular house is in brilliant condition and obviously the previous owners have looked after it. Celia