Thursday, 6 September 2018

Assorted Vintage Dolls House Items In Aid Of Further Fundraising..

Assorted Vintage Dolls House Items 


I have been given the following dolls house items by a kind lady from Berkshire and another kind lady from Oxfordshire, to sell  in aid of the "Help Save Dolls Houses Past & Present Website Fund".  As a reminder of why there is fundraising taking for a new DHP&P website,  if you click on the following link, you can read all about it.

You will no doubt have seen on a previous blog post that the three antique dolls that were put up for sale on here to raise funds for the DHP&P new website fund, have either been sold or are reserved. So a huge thank you to the very generous buyers! 

Now to these lovely items...the two sets of donated vintage dolls house items have been put together to make just one whole collection. Sorry but I just do not have the time or resources to list  them individually, so I would just say that they are being sold as seen. As you can see, they really are a mixed bunch in various scales and eras, but most are probably instantly recognisable to vintage dolls house collectors. 

Amongst the general old plastic and wooden furniture, items that are worth a special note,  is some of the food such as the Kaybot plaster bread on breadboard and two Tri-ang plastic plates of food. Other items of special note is the rather delightful Dol-Toi fireplace and console television, two Tri-ang stools and a Tri-ang living room chair, a tiny yellow painted metal chair, plus a couple of tiny 1960s dolls. 
There is hard blue plastic table and five chairs, all with a pretty floral decal, a vintage flower box filled with fabric & plastic flowers, two brass candlesticks, parts of a not so old lovely over sized wooden plate and coffee pot set (maybe Japanese), a useful not so old Korean wardrobe with two internal drawers, shelves and hanging rail, plus an attractive not so old blue and white vase. There are two vintage wooden chairs, several oversized homemade books with leather/fabric covers, a brass lamp, a not so old metal fan fire guard, odds and ends of plastic plates & cups, plus some vintage small scale hard plastic furniture (maybe from the 1980s/90s?). Could be useful to someone.

Most of the items seen above are in a relatively good played with condition with some wear, however it must be said that the old blue plastic wardrobe and dressing table are a little warped (common with this particular plastic set), the paper detail is mostly rubbed off the wooden cooker hob, and one of the red rockers on the red plastic cradle have split but hardly noticeable, although could be glued if so wished. To be honest, this whole set is worth considerably more than the asking price so a bargain for someone and you will be helping a worthy cause too. 

If anyone would like to purchase the above set, then please do get in touch with me asap:  This set of items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Hope someone out there can give these a good home.

Please Note: This is a one off sale and I am not able to accept  any further donations. However, if you do have any other items to donate, please get in touch with Rebecca Green, her email is: , the owner of Dolls Houses Past & Present website. I understand one of the administrators is selling donated items off Ebay on behalf of the new website fund and in some cases, also off their website. 


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
What great lots. I am sure they will find a good home quickly.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Giac. These items have now been sold and have raised £21.00 in the process. Celia X