Wednesday, 13 December 2017

c1950s Tri-ang Queen Anne Dolls House

This fabulous c1950s Tri-ang Queen Anne Dolls House has just gone up for sale on KT Miniatures.
 It is the version that has a turquoise coloured finish with stencilled foliage over the front and is in 1/16th scale. 
The dolls house is accessed via the front, which opens right up to reveal two rooms upstairs, and a large room downstairs divided by a central staircase.

The staircase can actually slide out completely to make one large downstairs room if so wished....very clever idea! All the floor and wallpapers inside are original.

Even though the flooring papers are a little worse for wear in places, it is still refreshing to have them at all, as they are often missing. The worst patches can easily be disguised by strategically placed rugs or carpets.

The windows and doors are made of plastic and it is brilliant that they too are present, as due to their fragility in young hands, they were often broken and then lost forever.

Well actually, they are all present except for the right side lower window, but the previous owner very cleverly made a wooden replacement. It has been so well done that I didn't even notice at first!
It is extremely refreshing to have the two half front doors present, as it is rare to find this model dolls house these days with them still present.

The reason being is that these plastic doors were extremely fragile in young hands, and the little plastic notches top and bottom that kept them in place and allowed them to swing open, would often quickly snap off. And although this has happened to the left door, as you can see from the photo, the previous owner taped it so that it could swing open. Now the tape probably does need replacing but this is easy to do.

The roof is original and can be removed if necessary. Is also nice to have both chimneys present, although one of the chimney pots is a replacement.

So there we are.....this Tri-ang dolls house rarely comes along these days in such relatively good condition. Could make an ideal present for a vintage dolls house collector and would look fabulous filled with vintage 1/16th scale dolls house furniture.


Please note that due to the particular fragility of the plastic windows and doors, this has to be collected only from me here in Thame and is not available to be posted.
(Sat Nav: OX9 3BE - close to junctions 6 & 8A of M40)


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Giac said...

Hello Celia,
What a treasure! It is a beautiful house and I love the front door. I am sure it will find a loving home soon.
Big hug