Sunday, 3 December 2017

An Inspiring Way To Decorate An Old GeeBee Dolls House Exterior - Absolutely Beautiful!

A few weeks ago I received an order from a lady called Linda Bright for a tiny Romside metal door. She explained that she had bought a dilapidated dolls house similar to the one she had as a child and wanted to restore it, with the help of her father. The back board was rotten, the floor sagged, the outside had been repainted more than once and even part of one wall was covered in plaster. Sounded like they had quite a big job on their hands!

Linda, a professional artist based in East Sussex, emailed through a drawing of her dilapidated dolls house as it was in its present form at that time. You can see Linda's drawing above. The front door was missing and one of the frontage pieces was completely off its hinges. It was an old GeeBee dolls house, probably circa 1950s. 

A few weeks went by and then one morning I received an email from Linda with a couple of photos attached, the content of which literally blew me away! 
Using images of 1950s gardens for inspiration, Linda hand painted flowers over the dolls house frontage to replace the original painted flowers that were long gone. 

I have to say that these must be the most beautiful hand painted flowers I  think I have ever seen on the exterior of an old dolls house...and I have been in this business for over 20 years so have seen many old dolls houses during that time I can tell you! The colours and depth of Linda's carefully chosen flowers are stunning and now bring an exquisite charm to what was a very sorry looking old house. 
 Here is another photo of Linda's dolls house, as you can see now fully restored in all its glory. I think you will all agree that it is absolutely beautiful.

I would like to thank Linda for allowing me to share her photos with you and hope that you have been suitably inspired. 

Linda is an artist and also attends some vintage fairs, you can find her on Facebook:


Robin said...

What a truly fabulous work of restoration!!

Serenata said...

I have this same house, what beautiful work Linda had done on hers. Thank you so much for sharing it.

PILAR6373 said...

Has hecho un gran trabajo de restauración,se ve preciosa!!!!

Giac said...

Hello celia,
thank you for sharing Linda's amazing work...that is an inspirational transformation.
Big hug

Troy said...

The restoration looks great!

Юлия said...

It's fine! Wonderful work! This house causes a lot of warm feelings. Hugs, Julia

KT Miniatures said...

Isn't Linda's dolls house fabulous!! Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. Celia