Tuesday, 1 November 2016

This Gnome Now Has A New Home To Go To!

Almost as soon as this rare Britains lead gnome went up for sale, he was snapped up. Mind you, its not surprising really as examples like him just do not come along very often.
What a handsome chap he is! At just 2" sitting height, he is rather big as gnomes go in 1/12th scale terms...but hey ho. 
I understand that he originates from the 1930s, which makes him rather old. He will soon be embarking off to a new home...am sure he is excited :)
He was put up for sale with this old Britains lead cold frame, complete with a rare weeny Britains lead seed tray!
The seed tray measures just a tad more than 1/2" x 3/8" wide...now that really is small!

The white lid is able to slide in and out of the cold frame base. Unsurprisingly this was snapped up almost as soon as it went up for sale too. For further photos of these items plus more Britains Lead Garden pieces to purchase, PLEASE CLICK HERE
A variety of vintage miniature items have now been added to KT Miniatures website and are available to purchase, including some highly sought after c1920s Lines Bros/Tri-ang furniture. But  more about those another day.

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