Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Bit Of An Oops Moment...

Ok, so I have had a niggle in my right knee for months. It started off very minor to begin with...then it progressed to a wince each time I went up and down stairs. Just lately at the end of the day, it was becoming a little more painful and my children were nagging me to go and see the doctor to get it sorted. However, somehow I just never got around to making that appointment, life kept getting in the know how it is.  

But then there was an "oops moment"!

I was climbing out of my attic workroom with a box in my hand early one morning last week, and simply due to lack of concentration I landed awkwardly and heavily, completely miscalculating the large step down. I've been climbing in and out of my workroom almost daily for nearly 20 years without a single mishap, so only have myself to blame.

As last week progressed I had hoped that the pain would ease and all would be back to normal. But by Friday the pain was becoming unbearable and my limp was becoming more profound. So earlier this week my knee came under close scrutiny at the doctor's surgery....hmmm, am now laid up with suspected torn meniscus. I probably did the first damage over a year ago and now it is a thousand times worse. I have been suitably chastised by each of my children for not going to the doctor sooner :)

So I'm afraid that the planned listing of further vintage items to KT Miniatures has been put on hold for this week...sorry. Am currently sitting here with a packet of frozen peas on my knee!

What a year this has been!



The grandmommy said...

So sorry to hear that My own knees misbehave from time to time. Wishing you a quick and complete healing!

Rebecca said...

Very sorry to hear that, Celia! I had surgery for a torn meniscus some years ago, with a surgeon who I later learned was known for being rather over-enthusiastic - he shaved the head of my femur (I think), as he said the torn cartilage had rubbed on it. The knee was painful for a long time after surgery, though I don't have much pain now. I do hope you have a good surgeon, if you have surgery, and that the pain and movement improves very soon!

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Grandmommy and Rebecca for dropping by.

Rebecca..oh my goodness, let's hope I don't have an over enthusiastic surgeon here - sounds horrific! Getting up and down stairs is a bit of a problem...have resorted to shuffling up and downstairs on my bottom when the pain has got too bad...haha, what a life this is:) Found that maximising every single trip up and downstairs each time is useful ie. take as much up or bring as much down as I can, each time - by careful planning it is making life a bit easier. Celia

DollMum said...

Oh ouch, what rotten luck about your knee even if your children may say 'I told you to get it checked'. I hope it improves soon. Your method for saving on journeys up and down stairs is what I do too even though I don't have a dodgy knee.

KT Miniatures said...

Haha...thanks DollMum. Am still limping but getting used to it - is funny how we can quickly find ways of adapting when we have to!:) Celia