Sunday, 5 July 2015

Yet Another Workshop Last Week & Multiple Tri-ang Dolls House Furniture & Accessories....

I must start this posting by extending a huge THANK YOU to all the ladies and gent who gave such a warm welcome at the Cheltenham Miniaturists Club last Thursday morning, to both my Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops' colleague Robin Britton and myself. They weren't just members of the Cheltenham Club but some had come from the Forest Of Dean, Gloucester and Swindon Clubs too! It was just so nice to be immediately greeted with offers of coffee, cake and help with unloading the car, after a long journey on a hot morning! 
 And the morning just got better, as all attending were so enthusiastic, very talented and attentive.
This is what we were making......
1/12th Scale Gardem
1/24th Scale Garden

 This project incorporated several techniques including aging wood with acrylic paints, and creating simple fencing & path using ordinary household materials.
There were some very smiley faces by the end of the morning....with some rather lovely miniature gardens floating out the door! Both Robin and I agreed that this had been a real pleasure of a workshop to undertake. We hope very much that we are invited back again next year!!
Phew...well that is the last workshop until September now, so I will be able to concentrate fully on listing more to KT Miniatures website! Which leads me nicely  onto this............

Tri-ang Dolls House Furniture & Accessories.....
At long last, I have been able to emerge from workshop kit making and get down to some serious listing of vintage dolls house items. For the moment, I am concentrating on vintage c1960s Tri-ang dolls house furniture and accessories, all of which belonged to Marion Osborne, who collected a variety of pieces for research purposes whilst writing The Book Of Tri-ang Furniture. With the book written, Marion no longer has need for all these pieces and I have a few boxes of bits and bobs still remaining, to sell on her behalf. Some of the more rare pieces were sold a while ago but I still have quite a bit more to go. Am having great fun rummaging through all the boxes once again - trouble is I keep getting side tracked as I marvel at many of the pieces!!

In my childhood during the early 1960s, I was lucky enough to have a beautiful dolls house made for me by my grandfather, and can remember that Tri-ang dolls house furniture was quite expensive in comparison to Barton, Kleeware etc. at that time. Consequently, as a child the only Tri-ang dolls house furniture I owned was the Spot-On bathroom suite....I thought I had died and gone to heaven when my grandparents actually bought me that set!! There is no doubt that there is something rather lovely about these 1/16th scale Tri-ang dolls house pieces.

Tri-ang Garden
But for now...I will begin with the garden area.
 Amongst the six different coloured sun loungers now listed is this unplayed with boxed green wonderful condition. The frame is cream painted metal and the fixed cushions are this pretty green plastic. Is refreshing to have the box too. 
This is a complete boxed Hammock Seat and when put together, consists of a swinging hammock seat under a striking yellow and red canopy. 

There is this rare heavy metal boxed Spot-On garden roller. 
 Tri-ang Kitchen
As well as complete food sets, I have listed a whole array of singular foods which can be bought separately.
My favourite is that chocolate cake...looks almost good enough to eat!
There are various sinks including this heavy metal and plastic boxed blue Spot-On sink.
And this gorgeous lilac coloured heavy metal and plastic Spot-On sink.
So too there various plastic and plastic/metal Jennys Home sinks.

Plus there are various cookers, including the all plastic Jennys Home version. 
I will be listing various kitchen tables, chairs, washing machine, fridges plus tiny bits and bobs including washing up bowls and broom cupboard tools etc. from both the earlier Spot-On range, as well as the later Jennys Home range.
Tri-ang Nursery
You can purchase various toys singularly such as the above toy dolls house for the nursery. 
Or this Noahs Ark.
Or you can purchase a whole boxed set of both the little house, ark and rocking horse. I have umpteen playpens, cots, baby baths, prams, etc. to put up for sale within this category. 

All these Tri-ang items can be found on the following page; 

Still to be listed are more living and dining room furniture and more bedroom, bathroom, etc. Watch out too for a number of Tri-ang Jennys versatile plastic rooms to be listed this coming week plus some rare window components. 


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am so happy you had another great class. The furniture pieces are just lovely.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Giac. Yes, the little Tri-ang furniture is exquisite.Celia