Friday, 24 July 2015

Rare c1960s Tri-ang Spot-On Packaged Windows.....

If you received my KT Miniatures Newsletter yesterday, you will have seen that I had just put up for sale two extremely rare c1960s Tri-ang Spot-On packaged windows. Ok....they may be just plastic....but it is BECAUSE they were plastic and consequently rather fragile, that makes these windows so sought after and rare, as frustratingly so many got broken by their young owners. There must be many collectors out there who have vintage Tri-ang dolls houses with the original plastic windows that are either missing or instead have broken plastic windows stuck in place with Cellotape! 

Well the two that I currently have for sale are these......
This is the larger of the two windows....on the packet the label states it as being  "No. 1151 Contemporary 3 Light Window With 2 Opening Lights." 
Inside the packet there are two white frames which presumably click together either side of the wall and the tiny lugs slot into the relevant holes. There are also three clear plastic pieces of glazing....two that are obviously meant to be the opening windows and the other is for a central fixed window. 
These belonged to Marion Osborne and are featured on page 207 in her  The Book Of Tri-ang Furniture For The Dolls HouseMarion tells us that this particular window could be found in the Tri-ang "V" and "U" dolls house, so if you have this model house and are in need of a replacement window, here is a rare opportunity to obtain a new one unused.
This is the second window that is available to purchase. It is much smaller and slimmer but has the same concept of two frames clicking together via lugs. There is just one long piece of clear plastic for the glazing. On the label it describes this as "No.1153 Contemporary Small 2 Light Window". Marion tells us in her book that this is suitable for an "A" or "C" Tri-ang Bungalow.

Marion also tells us in her book that these windows were sold loose by retailers so some people used these Tri-ang plastic windows in homemade dolls houses too.

In this Tri-ang Bungalow "C" that was sold by KT Miniatures several years ago now, you can see the No. 1153 Contemporary Small Window in situ, on the right front wall. 
In this close up photo, you can see that there were two of those smaller windows fixed side by side.
These and an array of Tri-ang Spot-On dolls house furniture plus accessories can be found on the following KT Miniatures website page:

During the next few days, I hope to do more listing of Tri-ang including several Tri-ang Jennys Home rooms. They will be listed all together on their own page, directly linked to the above Tri-ang watch this space for more news about these shortly!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I'm sure someone will be very grateful to find these windows. I had never seen that bungalow. It is superb. What a great dollhouse.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Giac. Yes, the windows are so rare now and am sure that someone somewhere will be able to make good use of them. The little Tri-ang bungalow is rather nice - so very 1960s! Celia