Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What A Brilliant Day!

Well.....the workshop last Saturday at Bicester Avenue Garden Centre turned out to be a rather lovely day. 

Although The Little Vintage Toys Shop was probably the most ambitious project we have undertaken to date, we were extremely proud of all the attendees achievements. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.
The weather was wet and rather chilly for a mid June Saturday but hey....that's British weather for you! The rain did not dampen spirits though and everyone cheerfully just got stuck in to much creativity.  
By the end of the day, some lovely decorated shop carcasses floated out the door and armed with further kit components and a book of instructions, everyone who came can now look forward to completing the project in full in the comfort of their own home....including over 30 miniature vintage style toys.

Looking forward to meeting the next group of ladies next Saturday, where we will be doing this all over again!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am so glad you and all the ladies had a good time. I wish I could attend one of your classes...maybe one day!
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Ha ha....maybe one day Giac. You would be very welcome!! Celia