Saturday, 15 November 2014

Some Rather Lovely Larger Scale Miniatures...

Even though this French toy kitchen set was sold as soon as it went up for sale the other day....I thought it was worth highlighting on here, as I have never had one of these in at KT Miniatures before. Marked M.J MA CUISINE - PARIS, it is probably more like a dolly size but would suit a large scale old dolls house or an old dolls house where scale doesn't matter. I suspect that it originated from the 1950s and is in fantastic condition, as the mottled blue painted metal kitchenware is still attached to the display card, therefore has never been played with.
 The plates measure 2 1/8" in diameter, the cutlery measures 2 3/4" long and the biggest saucepan measures an overall length of 2 3/4". So quite big! I had even considered framing the whole thing in a box frame and hanging it on the wall in my kitchen, but hubby was not impressed with that idea..ha ha! 
The illustration of the little girl standing on a stool, reaching up to take a pot out of the kitchen cupboard, is charming and gives an interesting insight into kitchen style of that era.
I have also just put up for sale, some large scale kitchen/laundry items. The scrubbing brush as seen above,  seemed ordinary enough. But when I finally took it out of the box of dolls house bits it came with in order to photograph, look what I found when I turned it over....
A delightful  nursery paper image with what appears to be a Turkish flag fixed to the flat side....very unusual indeed!
There are also some large scale laundry items such as a wooden washtub with metal strips around the outside, a quirky mishapen wooden and metal washboard plus a heavy metal flat iron with decorative metal stand. All these are quite old, maker and exact age unknown.

Full details of these can be found on the following page:

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