Thursday, 27 November 2014

How Quickly Life Can Change!

 I suspect that most of you who know me and KT Miniatures well, had wondered why I have been so quiet of late and why very little has been added to the website recently.   

How quickly life can change! 

Much of my time since the last blog posting was put up has been spent at hospital with Mr KT Miniatures, who has been very poorly indeed. 

Last week I had the misfortune to experience my first ambulance ride ever and sincerely hope I never have to do that again! (I swear I have more grey hairs than this time last week...ha ha)!  I will spare you the graphic details but I still shake at the knees just at the mere memory.  Am happy to say that he is back home today and am now multi tasking as I delve back into the wonderful world of miniatures, but this time with my nursing hat back on.

Please note that I may well have to close earlier than normal before Xmas - at the moment I am estimating 13th it is advisable to place your orders sooner rather than later. I have some beautiful miniatures to put up for sale and will highlight some of them on here, when they have been listed over the next few days.


Serenata said...

Dear Celia, I am so sorry to read this. I hope he makes a good recovery, good to hear he is back home and don't forget to take care of yourself as well!


DollMum said...

Good that he is home again and on the mend - how scary for you both though.

Norma said...

I do hope that all will be well and that life will be back to normal before you know it. Take care.

12Create said...

Take good care Celia of both yourself and Mt KT.

Rebecca said...

Oh Celia, I am so sorry to hear that! So glad he is back home again, and hope he makes a full recovery soon. Take care!

Cookie'n'Muffin said...

So very sorry to hear the bad news but glad he's back home. Wishing you both well, take care
Silvia (malcolmsminiatures)

Unknown said...

It was nice to see you yesterday at Notting Hill. I waited another 2 hours for the next bus!
I'm sorry to hear about your husband's illness and do hope he's recovering well now. Susanne

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers everyone for your kind comments...they are very much appreciated. Sadly Mr KT Miniatures is back in hospital tonight but hopefully the hospital can work their magic once again and sort him out. X Celia
PS. Blimey Susanne.....sorry you had to wait so long for the next bus home - wasn't the service back to Oxford horrendous yesterday?! All my children came to look after their father yesterday just so that I could have a break for one day to go to the Kensington Dolls House Festival..and I was in such a hurry to get home! The Fair was magic though.

jenann said...

Oh Celia
What a worry for you. takecare of yourself as well as Mr.KT.
Jenni x