Wednesday, 12 March 2014

At Last......Marion Osborne's Latest Book On Tri-ang Furniture!!

Marion Osborne has just informed me that at last her much anticipated book - THE BOOK OF TRI-ANG FURNITURE - FOR THE DOLL'S HOUSE, is now ready to purchase. For the moment you can only purchase this book directly from Marion herself.

My copy has arrived but as yet, I've only had time to flick through briefly but believe me, if you are a fan of  Tri-ang or indeed a serious collector of vintage dolls houses, then this book is most definitely for you and you won't be disappointed. It is simply........ SUPERB!!!!!!!

This is a comprehensive reference book for Tri-ang furniture, which includes Tri-ang furniture from 1921 to 1925 made by ELGIN, period furniture from 1935 to 1940, the entire Spot On range from 1960 to 1965, followed by all of the Jennys Home range from 1965 to 1970. Plus a bit more besides!

In the same format as all of Marion's other books, this is comb bound, crammed full of information with 306 pages of text, illustrated in black and white. The accompanying disk contains over 4,600 colour photos and there simply is nothing like this anywhere else on the market. 

I can strongly recommend. 

Marion is intending to sell the first large batch that she has had printed and then, in the same way as her Tri-ang Book Of Dolls' Houses and Book Of Dol-Toi, she will be handing the production side over to KT Miniatures. As already (of course), Marion is embarking on her next book - G&J Lines And Box Back Dolls Houses. 

Marion has sent me the following information on cost for her latest book..............

The following prices quoted for book and disk, includes postage and packing:

UK - £28.00 - If paying by Paypal £29.40

USA - £39.30 including Paypal fees. 

Australia £40.20 including Paypal fees.

Europe - £34.59 including Paypal fees.

To order, please contact Marion direct:

Marion Osborne. 29 Attenborough Lane, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 5JP.
Email address:


Diane said...
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Diane said...

I have an early Triang 50 dolls house and thought it would be nice to furnish it with Triang furniture from that period. Did Triang actually make furniture in the 1950's?

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Diane. Actually, the answer to that is no...would you believe!

Tri-ang sold Elgin/Tri-ang furniture through the 1920s and 1930s. And although Tri-ang continued to make dolls houses after WW2 right through to the 1971, they did not make furniture until the period 1960-1970. During that 1960s decade they had the Spot-On range and then the Jennys Home range.

So owners of Tri-ang dolls houses during the 1950s would have filled their little abodes with furniture that was commercially available at that time such as Barton, Dol-Toi, Twiggs, etc. Of course many people made their own furniture with the help of DIY magazines such as Hobbies & Handicrafts, who would sell plans on making furniture (and dolls houses) and in some cases - components.

If you go to my Antique & Vintage Index Page and scroll down past the image of the house, you will find a list of the more common furniture manufacturers that were around.

Hope this helps. Celia

Diane said...

Oh that's a shame Celia :(. Have already looked through your furniture and think I might go with the Barton range then. I already have a Lundby house with some of there items and really like them.