Friday, 14 March 2014

A Bit Of This & That......

For the past few days, most of my time has been taken up with some intense creating for a rather exciting magazine commission with my workshop colleague - Robin. We wish we could tell you all about it but sadly it has to stay under wraps for now. This particular project has been massive and one which we have had to spend weeks researching incredibly in depth for. Wouldn't you know it....we planned to meet up yesterday, to embark on a big "photo shoot" of the completed project outside in my garden but, as the rest of the UK was basking in sun so it in Thame all we had was thick fog - a real pea souper practically all that was that. The fog is here again today and well set in! We may have to come up with a Plan - B! that the creative activity has ceased once more, I have been able to begin listing vintage items to KT Miniatures website.
Amongst the various items listed this week is this curious 1930s celluloid is so delicate and light in weight. The clothing to me has quite a distinct oriental feel to it and I found an interesting makers symbol on the back - it is a kind of Fleur De Lys design. I have not had a miniature doll quite like this before so embarked on a little research and it seems that this may have been made by the Japanese company Nippon?
This tiny Japanese doll just makes me smile....she has a red hat and two tufts of hair, one either side of her head. The expression on her face is delightful!
I am quite a fan of these pre-war Googly dolls.....this tiny one is so sweet. 
These dolls and others can be found on the following page:

These antique beds, one circa Early 1900s and the other (with a more modern handmade mattress), is believed to be circa Late Victorian/Early 1900s. Although each of them are in, what we commonly call, a well played with condition - they are lovely.

This antique bow fronted chest of drawers with mock drawers is gorgeous and so tactile!!! It is probably homemade but has been very well done, and has obviously been well played with judging by the bumps and scrapes on the dark varnished exterior. I love it!
These antique bedroom items can be found on the following page:

And finally.....
This lean-to may look familiar to you (CLICK HERE TO READ AN OLD KT MINIATURES JOURNAL POSTING) was a project that I undertook in 2010 for Dolls House & Miniatures Scene magazine, where I had to first make it into a "1950s Utility Room" and then a "1950s Porch". However, it is time for this to go and is now for sale. 
It has been stripped of all interior items and has been given a heavily aged finish, inside and out. 
The slate type path is still there along with a little bit of "soil" and landscaping at one end. There is now an enamel bucket with rag, a couple of tiny flower pots and a rusty oil can fixed to the exterior. 
Inside, the original washing line is still strung across and the wooden low shelf along one end is still there. I have also laid a sheet of my old style imitation floral lino.
This is in 1/12th scale, quite versatile and can stand alone or butt up against an existing dolls house. 
More information can be found on the following page:


Steinworks said...

I love all the old dollhouse things! what a joy to look back over what everyone thought was fashionable I wish I had a place for everything. (I also wish we has fog here instead of snow..Im getting really sick of snow)

have a wonderful weekend

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Marisa
Yes, I think I prefer fog to snow and don't envy you!! At last the fog finally lifted and we could crack on with the photos!

I have to say I never tire of these old treasures and they never cease to amaze learning all the time as am constantly coming across old dolls house items that I have never seen before....and I'm in my 18th year of trading! Celia

PILAR6373 said...

Me han encantado todas esas antiguas y maravillosas piezas de miniaturas!!!!

Robin said...

Your super lean-to would make a wonderful conservatory for someone!

KT Miniatures said...

Glad you like them Pilar6373.

Yep Robin, it could also make a brilliant old fashioned conservatory too. Is quite versatile. Celia