Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Some Delightful Vintage Barton For Your Dolls House!

All outstanding projects have now been completed, accounts and that dreaded tax form dealt with, no more dashing up and down the country (this week anyway) so at looooong last I have been able to begin listing vintage items to KT Miniatures website.  It has been a while....

First up today, I have embarked on listing a delightful collection of vintage Barton pieces that all came together. Most are from the 1950s/1960s era. In fact some of these pieces appear so immaculate that you'd think that they'd never been played with....however I do know from the prevous owner all had been much loved and handed down a generation. Some of my personal favourites from the collection have been highlighted below.
Lovely vintage Barton bathroom stool with a delightful mottled painted effect seat, plus a cork bath mat that is in immaculate condition.
Here is a vintage console Barton television....I actually remember as a very young child in the early 1960s, we had a real life sized one of these in our lounge. Hasn't technology come on leaps and bounds since then! I often wonder what my lovely grandma would have made of it all..........
Then there is this wonderful Barton radiogram.
When you lift up the lid it reveals all the original paper controls, the movable record deck arm, etc. How fantastic is this?!
This bookcase is absolutely gorgeous...all made of wood including the brightly coloured mock books. Again, this is in immaculate condition.

Finally, here are two of the more unusual pieces for the kitchen that don't normally come along that often. There is a tall kitchen cupboard for all your miniature cleaning products. This comes complete with a well used broom. Plus there is a grey and white speckled boiler........very nice indeed. 

All these items can be found on the 1/16th Scale Vintage Barton Section. Please click on the following link to view:

I am now going to concentrate my efforts on listing as many antique/vintage items as I can over the next few days....including a couple of dolls houses. There is now a backlog of stock just waiting in boxes (and more boxes) to be put up for sale! Some of which will be highlighted on watch this space folks!


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I am glad life seems to getting back to normal. What a great collection of minis. I especially love the radiogram.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Hiya Giac. Great to hear from you as always. Yes, all is getting back to normal now and am well into the swing of things. The radiogram is delightful isn't it.... Celia

Lady Jane said...

Wow this is so cool....

KT Miniatures said...

Glad you like them Lady Jane...they are exquisite arn't they? Celia