Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Little c1950s Dolly Mixture Dolls House & Some Very Old Dolls

A lot of old dolls house items have been listed to various sections on KT Miniatures website these past couple of days, including this little circa 1950s Dolly Mixture dolls house.....which would make a fantastic restoration project for someone.

This can be seen in my Old Dolls House Bargain Basement section, where you will find this going for a very reasonable price. It is very sweet, has been much loved but now needs a new home.

It had a makeover in 1977....we know that because a previous owner has very cleverly painted their initials and date very discreetly on the back....(what a brilliant idea)!
This style dolls house was believed to have been made over at least two decades by the same manufacturer but whose name is still a bit of a mystery and not definitively known. The name "Dolly Mixtures" was aptly given to this particular brand of dolls house by Marion Osborne in one of her books many years ago...and the name has stuck! These double front doors with the metal ringed handles are a distinctive feature of the Dolly Mixture houses. 
On this particular model, the house has been overpainted outside and in......just look at that very 1970s don't you think?  Other layers of wallpaper can be seen underneath so whoever takes this on could have great fun restoring it. 
The tin Romside windows are all there however some of the missing butterfly handles have been replaced quite cleverly with paper clips. 
There are the remnants of old electrics and very cleverly the previous owner has been able to kind of hinge the two end roof panels....which houses the original battery connections.

Because the roof panels have been hinged and therefore accessable, does mean that this house now has even greater potential. Just think what fun you can have with this!!!

Some Rather Lovely Old Dolls House Dolls
Here is a Grandap Grecon doll......with a rather splendid hairy beard and glasses. He is rather handsome and very cleverly stands up on his own.
Here is a rather German bisque doll, originating from the 1920s/30s. His splendid felt suit is a replacement but beautifully created. He too can stand alone. 
These are just two of a set of unclothed German bisque dolls, all of the same 1920s/30s era, that are now for sale. In the photos above you can see a male and a female doll, all with painted features including very rosy cheeks...haha...maybe they are blushing a little due to their missing clothes!!!
Full details of these dolls can be found on the following link:

Just Some Of The Items Which Sold Very Quickly These Past Couple Of Days.......
And finally....the two dolls seen in the above photos have been sold already I'm afraid but thought you may like to see them anyway. The doll on the left is another 1920s/30s German bisque doll and I thought I would highlight this to illustrate her exquisitely made dress that a previous owner has very 1920s! The doll in the above right photo is a Tomac Grandma doll (not to be mistaken for a Grecon doll).....quite lovely in her glasses, and long dress. You may just make out her great big painted lead shoes....usually found on the Tomac dolls.
This c1950s/60s Marx tin dolls house is gorgeous, with beautiful lithographed illustrations of decor and furnishings. Am not suprised this sold quickly.....I have a very rusty one of these on my workbench which I use for simple storage...(one day I will get round to showing you a photo of mine).
This circa Taylor & Barrett metal fridge complete with both shelves, lead chicken and ham joint is highly sought after and was snapped up almost as soon as it went up for sale.
So too, these circa 1950s Barrett items.....a fabulous washing machine with mangle on the top and lid, plus a cream and green cooker.


carmen said...

que maravillas!

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Carmen. Glad you like them. Celia

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

That nice are these old houses and these dolls !! Hugs

KT Miniatures said...

Yes they are lovely Maria, arn't they. I do fall in love with many of these items at times but cannot keep them all! Celia

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
Those are all so beautiful. I just love the appliances.
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Giac. Can I tempt you into collecting vintage miniatures yet? Celia

Donna S said...

Hi Celia:
The 1950/60 Marx tin house brought back very many happy memories for me. I had one and spent hours arranging the furniture.

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Donna. I would have loved one of these tin houses when I was small!!! Do you still have yours? Celia