Friday, 5 April 2013

A Little Bit Of This And That....Plus A Little 1930s Pram!

Not sure where the time has gone this week...much of what was planned for KT Miniatures simply went out of the window as other unscheduled events took over...story of my life. Don't know about anyone else, but I have to make a list every morning on what I need to do. Very seldom do I complete that list! Plus there have been one or two annoying little hiccups this week out of my control which should not have happened and I now have to rely on others to put those annoyances right. One being a bit of a tangle with those lovely people down at the Royal Mail. Let's hope they find that lost parcel!!!

Sunday's Workshop.....

1/12th Scale Underneath The Old Arbour Prototype
However, in between everything that has been going on this week we've been able to put final touches to our kits for Sunday's workshop at Waterperry Gardens. Both Robin (workshop colleague) and I are very much looking forward to it.

KT Miniatures's little helper asleep on the job, putting instruction files together!
If you are coming on Sunday, please note that the Waterperry complex does not open to the public until 10.00am and you are welcome to come along to the classroom from 10.15 onwards, for a prompt 10.30 start. Ms H's Tearoom opens at 10.00 so we strongly suggest you have a coffee (and maybe a cream cake) to keep you going before you start!

If you are interested in our workshops....please go to our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops website for details of our autumn the moment we still have plenty of spaces as booking has only just opened

1930s Tin Pram

On the Antique 1/12th Nursery Page, I have listed a gorgeous brightly coloured 1930s tin pram. This one is in excellent condition.....with only one or two minor scratches on the paintwork. It appears to have been well looked after and one can just imagine all those generations of little owners pushing their miniature dollies around the they had hours of fun!

Amongst the few old items that I've been able to list these past couple of days are one or two old pieces on the Antique 1/12th Living/Dining Room Page....including a German 1930s Radiogram/Cupboard, old three piece suite and this gorgeous little German chair with a wonderful fretwork chair back. Could be useful in a variety of rooms.
I have two gorgeous dolls houses waiting to be watch this space!


Giac said...

Hello celia,
Real life always gets in the way! Have fun at the workshop. I hope you get a wonderful group.
Big hug,

12Create said...

Oh I so would have loved that tin pram. It is gorgeous but I see it is already reserved. Does it have a maker and were there other miniatures made in a similar style?

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Giac....yes, real life certainly does have a habit of getting in the way!! However, all is packed and ready for our workshop looking forward to it, is a real fun project! Celia

KT Miniatures said...

Hi 12Create....yes sorry, the little tin pram was snapped up very really is gorgeous.

I have seen them advertised over the years as both German origin but also as British too-so this comes under my "not 100% sure" category! However, my gut feeling is that it is German origin. There are certainly one or two images of this pram that can currently be seen on the internet if you Google "images", and their owners suggest that it is German-however, I never assume that everything I read on the internet is sellers get it wrong sometimes too!

Before and after the second world war, there were tin dolls house furniture and items around. Some made over here in the UK and overseas. Sorry you missed out on sure another will come along soon! Celia