Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Few Personal Arty Bits & A Merry Christmas From KT Miniatures 2012 draws to an end, KT Miniatures is now well and truly closed for the festive season. 
However.....I had a final pre-Christmas flash of creative activity and completely indulged myself in making some family presents. To briefly explain....whilst mooching in a charity shop the other day I came across a couple of wooden chests that had glazed lids decorated with random "sewing bits". A bit naff but a flash of inspiration hit me and I felt confident that with some tweaking these would make ideal Christmas presents.
I also came across a couple more little boxes, greatly reduced in price in a well known high street store....unfortunately one had the word "Keys" and the other "Coins" embossed on the front. But again I felt confident that I could do something with them....and I picked them up for a a snip.
And this was the result!!
This has been filled with some of my handmade books, a Victorian doll's head, vintage plaster food, a vintage lead duck, vintage wooden teacup and saucer plus some scaled down replicas of '30s school posters.
This was filled with one of my biblical prints, chocolate box filled with WW1 letters, cards etc, a felt hat, a Victorian doll's head, some 1930s lead Britains flowers, a lucky Victorian black cat, some of my handmade books plus a vintage silk garland.
Both of these had a heart shaped window glazed with real I simply chiselled out the wooden backing, removed the sewing bits and pieces, lined the backing with antique wallpaper then filled with a mixture of some of my handmade miniatures and antique/vintage pieces. The exterior was embellished with china buttons as well as ordinary buttons.

The exteriors have been lined with antique wallpaper and lace.

This smaller box is destined for a niece. It was given a thick cardboard backing, covered in lace then filled with broken bits of her grandmother and great grandmother's jewellery. 
The lid was edged with antique lace and inside covered in a mixture of antique wallpaper, felt and lace. The wording at the front was disguised by a printed card with the soon to be recipient's name and adorned with vintage silk garland and more indulgence!
 This one has also been given a cardboard backing covered in some of my antique wallpaper and simply filled with china buttons plus a tiny bit of antique lace. The embossed wording on the front was cunningly covered with buttons!

I had great fun "playing" with these and hope that the recipients like them too!!!

As the caption above from my vintage Children's Dictionary says......
"Xmas is a season of joy. Children hang up their stockings and have jolly parties."

I hope you all have a joyous Xmas and lots of jolly parties!!!

So without further ado, I would like to wish you all

I will be opening again on January 3rd (not the 2nd as originally planned).
Have a brilliant time everyone.


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I don't know what it is about boxes like that but they are so lovely and so special! I wish you a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year.
Big hug,

Robin said...

The gift boxes are all super - a great success - I'm sure the recipients will treasure them.
Happy Christmas!!

Rick said...

Hi Celia,
Your boxes are lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year too!

Chas Brennan said...

Amazing boxes Celia - all so beautifully done - I wouldn't know which one to choose! Have a great Xmas, see you in the New Year.

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments folks - much appreciated. Happy Christmas to you!! Celia

Connie said...

Hello Celia, The first thing that I want to say is, "Thank you for visiting and following my blog", I am delighted to meet you and looking forward to learning more about the world of miniatures. When I was a young girl I received a doll house that was handed down to me from my cousin. She was an only child and had wonderful things . . . that were often handed down to me. I remember how wonderful it was, it even had a working little tricycle for the miniature children to ride . . . if only they could. Then again who among us really knows what happens when we are sound asleep :)
Merry Christmas
Your newest follower, Connie :)

KT Miniatures said...

Welcome to KT Miniatures Journal Connie. Hope you can stop by occasionally. Happy New Year to you. Celia