Monday, 23 April 2012

A Collection Of Tri-ang Spot-On Items....Part Two

My plans went out of the window last week and chaos reigned but at last here are a few of the more unusual pieces from the much promised second batch of the lovely Tri-ang Spot-On Collection. They have been listed today on KT Miniatures website.  The first batch was featured in an earlier posting- which you can see if you click here

You will see that some of the items highlighted below rarely come along and have the added bonus of being boxed which makes them highly desirable.
First up is this wonderful dishwasher.....or actually it's official title is a Swanmaid Dish Washing Machine! The opening door drops down and reveals the racks inside. The top rack slides outwards which is a nice touch. It's doubly wonderful to have the original box too. There is also a second dishwasher available  that is not boxed.
This metal and plastic sink with box is unusual as it is a very pretty lilac colour......usually these are commonly found to be white/red or blue.
This  Bush TV Set &  Table rank amongst my favourite of the more usual Tri-ang Spot-On pieces. It is so refreshing to have the box.
Then there is this black Eavestaff Mini-Royal Piano with lift up revealing paper keys, the other revealing mock piano strings! The seat is sweet the lid lifts up for you to store away your mini music!!!

And how about this wonderful Hoover Cylinder Cleaner......fully complete with all the various tools and components including rubber hose. Again, it comes with the original box. Very nice indeed.
And finally, there is this wonderful  boxed Lounge Suite  consisting of a red winged three piece suite.

There is a settee and two armchairs, all in nice condition. The box itself is actually quite rare. The inner box has an attractive wallpaper and carpet setting which then slides into an outer cover.

If you don't actually have a dolls house, this box would look wonderful displayed on a shelf.

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