Friday, 13 April 2012

A Collection Of Tri-ang Spot-On Items....Part One!

A wonderful collection of 1960s Tri-ang Spot-On dolls house furniture and accessories has come in from Ireland.  Amongst the little treasures are some rare pieces that just don't come along very often, as well as many of the readily available items. What is also nice is that some are boxed too.  Due to the large number of them, I will have to split the listing session  into two....and today I have listed all the unboxed items. To wet your appetite, I have highlighted a few below.   


 For the nursery is a tiny Queen Ann dolls house, a wonderful pram that refreshingly is fully intact (these were commonly prone to damage) and a rocking horse with ears (they usually snapped off)! There is also a pretty pink cot with drop down sides and a teeny baby bath with stand. The stand was also prone to damage and many have just not survived the rigours of time!

 This set may look simple but believe it or not, it is quite rare to have all together. The umbrella and walking stick were not only easily lost but also prone to snapping in half. Often one is left with just the plastic stand! I wonder how many people have this plastic stand and think it was from an old game ie. a shaker for dice?!!!

There is a hammock seat and folding stools (although the stool doesn't actually fold) but that is what it's called in the original Tri-ang catalogue! Plus a glorious sun lounger.


Then there is this Hoovermatic twin tub washing machine.....anyone remember these? We had a real life sized one throughout the late 1960s and 1970s! The kitchen cupboard is a very unusual pretty pale aquamarine colour with a tan coloured workshop - quite stunning. Then there is the tiny rolling pin and pastry board.....very I guess they got lost very quickly due to being so weeny! Finally, there is a magnificent saucepan and stand set, comprising of three saucepans (two with lids) and a frying pan.
 These can be viewed on the Vintage 1/16th Tri-ang Page:
I hope to begin listing the boxed Tri-ang items over the next few days and when the listing is complete, will highlight some of the more special pieces on here.

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KT Miniatures said...

These pieces that were listed yesterday were practically all sold within 24 hours of going up for sale. Sorry if you have been disappointed.....have lots more vintage Tri-ang, including some rare items, that will be going up for sale at the beginning of the it will be a case of watch this space! Celia