Thursday, 22 March 2012

Update Of Linda's 1940s Living Room - 1940s Co-operative

Followers of KT Miniatures Customer Gallery will have already seen the wonderful 1940s Co-operative with living quarters above, made by Linda Holmes from Dorset (UK) quite some time ago now.  Her mum worked in the Hull Co-operative before and after the war, so was the inspiration behind this creation.

Linda has emailed me a wonderful updated photograph of her wartime living room above the shop with some new additions. I think you will agree that this is exquisite.

Linda tells us...."The Lady leaving the room has a shorter skirt (rationing you know) and now has drawn on stocking seams (no silk stockings from a friendly yank for her), she has a small belt on the back of her jacket which makes it look a bit more dressy (she thinks). She has now remembered to take her gas mask with her too."

 To see Linda's utterly inspiring 1940s Co-operative in its entirety including "The Tart's Bedroom" (lol), click on the following:


Andy said...

What a wonderful little shop! I love the living room, it's perfect, full of little perios details, great fun!

Robin said...

Thanks for a peep - it's truly lovely!
Love your new wallpaper!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Andy...yes, it is fabulous isn't it.....Linda has added some lovely humourous touches too, so inspiring.

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Robin. Yes the new wallpaper background is based on elements from one of the antique wallpapers that is currently for sale on KT Miniatures (Wallpaper No. 20)...just thought it would make a nice change and brighten up the page.

Rachel said...

Linda's living room is lovely, really atmospheric! Love your new wallpaper background too, will be adding to my house very soon! :)