Friday, 2 March 2012

Unusual c1930s Coal Scuttle With George V Coin....Plus A Wobbly Elgin Table!

I love weird and wonderfully whacky things....
Particularly weird and wonderfully whacky miniature things!! At first glance, this looks like a relatively ordinary brass coal scuttle.........turn it round then you see it is a bit unusual!
Yep, at one end a King George V coin, albeit a little on the tarnished side, has been incorporated. So, this is a bit more interesting than your common and garden coal scuttle and a bit more valuable too. It even has a movable handle........nice.....very nice!
Then there is rather lovely unmarked c1920s Elgin first glance you think wow.....but on close inspection it is a bit different.

Yep folks....this is a beautiful Elgin table with a noticeable warp at one end. So......this is being offered at half the normal retail price....a bargain and an opportunity for someone to grab a piece of Elgin that just does not come along very often. I personally would be tempted to shove a miniature book (or two) under the leg....wobble sorted!

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Dave Williams said...

Lovely vintage finds Celia, I especially like the table and like you say would look great with a couple of books propping it up, would be unusual to say the least.

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Dave
Yep...I have been known to shove a book or two under a real life size wobbly table in my time, in one of the many houses I have lived in!!!!!