Thursday, 27 January 2011

Replica Vintage Dolls House Food

I would just like to introduce you to a very talented lady called Joan Joyce who lives up in North Cumbria (UK), just on the edge of the Lake District. She makes the most charming replica vintage dolls house food.

All of these in this photo will be available to purchase on the Breast Cancer Campaign Sales Table At Thame Fair
It was after putting a general request out on the DHPP forum for donations in support of the Breast Cancer Campaign Sales Table at Thame Fair, that this lovely lady responded immediately and offered donations. She forwarded some photos of her pledged donations, amongst which were photos of her handmade replica vintage food. What I saw in the photos completely blew me away! Yesterday, the wonderful parcel of donations arrived and the food looks even better “in the flesh”!!!

(If you are a fan of vintage dolls houses and have never seen the Dolls Houses Past & Present go take a look!

Egg On Toast!
These are not meant to be absolute copies for the modern dolls house market. No..this food is strictly for vintage dolls houses.
Joan told me that she started making ordinary mini food about 10 years ago for her own dolls houses and friends plus she started selling to a shop in the north of Scotland for a while.  Her favourite era is Victorian through to the 1930s and has loved miniatures since she was a child when she used to save up her pocket money to buy so many of us did I suspect? Over the years she has also designed her own dolls houses, many inspired by antique a clever lady! Then her husband bought her a genuine Edwardian antique house and now she has a 1930s Tri-ang No 60 plus a vintage 1930s homemade house added to her vintage collection.

 Two Cakes

It was when she got her Edwardian house, that she found that she could not afford the high prices that genuine vintage food cost. (It is actually becoming extremely hard to get hold of too....I rarely get any in to sell on KT Miniatures)! It was this that gave Joan the idea to replicate the vintage food as she felt that modern polymer food just wouldn’t look right in old houses...I have to say that I agree. Also friends kept asking her where she got this “old” food from, so she realised that there is a market for this replica food. That was a year ago.

Unlike her earlier food that was made from polymer clay, this old food is made vintage style in air drying clay. Then once dry, she works her magic on them. Joan says that she will make to order and indeed.....if anyone has a picture of old food that they would like replicated then she will have a go for them. Naturally, special commissions would cost a little more than any item already made from stock...however Joan’s prices are purposely being kept low so that in her words “ to make it affordable to people like me!”

You can contact Joan by email:
or Tel: 016973 22262


Robin said...

What amazing food - I can see it would loook brilliant in a vintage house. I remember having a roast chicken and leg of lamb as a child, made out of some kind of plaster, I thought, and milk bottles carved from sticks of chalk.

KT Miniatures said...

It's lovely isn't it. Joan has captured the colours perfectly. Celia

My Realitty said...

How lovely. What a great idea! They look just right. CM