Monday, 24 January 2011

Another 1930s General Stores

Over the past few weeks I have  been beavering away on another commissioned '30s General brief being to replicate as near as possible the '30s General Stores you saw on here last year.

The very patient lady  gave me free reign and absolute trust in me to create this for her. Now, here is the result.
I had to change a few bits as I find it impossible to recreate a room box exactly as before, however both I and (I understand) my lovely customer, are very pleased with the results!!!

The shelves are laden with 1930s products including grocery, cleaning etc. Most of the packaging I have recreated, after a lot of research.  The chair is an antique one (albeit a little battered) but perfect for this scene.

Mr Shopkeeper and Mrs Customer are made by the superbly talented and great friend Robin Britton of Coombe Crafts. Her dolls are perfect for this kind of scene as their limbs are fully pliable so can be positioned wherever and however!

The magazine and newspaper rack has been created differently and much bigger so was able to fit in a lot more vintage ephemera. On the shelf above are childrens books and games. The back lobby with opening door just adds extra interest to this scene. Simple to create but quite effective.

In the central back cupboard with removable perspex frontage, are  the toiletry & medicinal items.
Hope you enjoyed taking a peek.


Mary Williams said...

Fabulous as always Celia,

Lady Jane said...

Very realistic. How did you make the cigarette packs, wow... Very cool.

Kel said...

Its really really beautiful!

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Mary, Lady Jane and Kel for your lovely comments. Just to say that Robin of Coombe Crafts website is down (gremlins)and will be a couple of days before its back up again. You can see her blog though on:

Robin said...

Thank you for your comments about my characters Celia, and also for alerting me to the gremlins...grr!
It is always an absolute joy to create characters for you and see them in such authentic and sympathetic settings. Your customer will be thrilled - the shop is just wonderful!! Envy is written all over me.Lol