Wednesday, 6 October 2010

1940s Room Box-Work In Progress

Here is one of the room box commissions I am currently working on......thought you might like to take a peek as it is quite different from my usual projects. It is a hospital ward scene in wartime Britain during the 1940s....and it will be set at Xmas!

The whole scene is being constructed inside an antique cabinet......and is great fun to do although I have to say is proving quite challenging!The whole project is still very much “work in progress” and I will put up more pics when the whole project is complete at the end of this month (I hope). 

Here is a cabinet filled with medicines, ointment and bandages.

Nurse's desk complete with flex from handmade lamp that will be fixed into a socket on the wall (lamp made from an old Dol-Toi teacup, a vintage metal saucer plus garden wire)! Originally this table was to stand  longways but then realised that the lamp flex would trail along the floor...creating health & safety issues...unacceptable even for the 1940s!
The tea trolley has a catering size teapot (teapot made by David Williams of Harvington Miniatures) - trolley contents not quite finished yet but it has real working castors so Miss Nurse can wheel this around to her hearts content!

 Mr Patient and Miss Nurse are the work of Robin Britton of Coombe Craft, whose fabulous work has been seen before on this blog. Robin often works closely with me on commissioned projects; her little character dolls are perfect for miniature room settings as  they can be manipulated into various positions.
More pictures to come when the project is complete.


Christine said...

It looks great so far. All those little bits are perfect.

Heather said...

The details are wonderful. I love the little lamp.

Robin said...

It's looking truly fantastic already Celia - I'm really happy to be a small part of it.

KT MIniatures said...

Thanks for your comments folks....I promise to show more photos on here when its finished!Celia

J said...

Fabulous! As a relatively modern nurse I can still appreciate the little touches!