Monday, 26 July 2010

Vintage 1960s Tri-ang Jennys Home JR-105 Boxed Set & Leaflets

Being a child in the ‘60s, I grew up with a few pieces of Tri-ang furniture in my handmade dolls house and I love everything about the entire range. Each piece of furniture and accessory was modelled on real life pieces and the detail is just wonderful. In its day, compared to the majority of other dolls house furniture available at that time, Tri-ang furniture was more expensive and generally out of my ordinary pocket money range!

A whole new set of Tri-ang furniture and accessories have arrived in from two different sources, including some magnificent boxed sets of Jennys Home. (Amongst pieces that have just been listed on KT Miniatures website are the elusive metal ascot boiler, see-saw, filing cabinet and lots of other superb pieces)!

There are also several Jennys Rooms including a boxed JR105 set which has been listed under the Dolls House For Sale section. That particular set consists of three rooms and original furniture, in a good played with condition. There are also a couple of leaflets accompanying that particular set so I have scanned them and reproduced them below for all of you who have these wonderful Jennys Rooms but may not have seen the leaflets before. They make interesting reading.

The first leaflet is a general one but is fascinating as it shows here the diverse combinations that can be obtained by using various numbers of these rooms.

On the reverse of this leaflet are instructions for making up the curtains with the striped material that was supplied with the room boxes.


This second leaflet shows how one used to be able to light up the Jennys Home.

Hope you find these interesting!

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