Saturday, 10 July 2010

Some Wartime Miniature Creations From Linda Larsen, Australia!

Every so often, I am privileged to have customers who email me through images of their wonderful creations based on the 1930s-50s eras. Well not long ago Linda Larsen, a customer from Australia, told me about some of her wartime creations and subsequently has agreed for me to put them up in KT Miniatures Customer Creation Gallery. The images are quite unique and breathtaking and if you are a fan of the WW2 era, you will love them!

To give you a hint of what you can see on Linda’s KT Miniatures Customer Creation Gallery page, just take a look at the following!

Linda is a fan of Greenleaf kits and has made a fantastic WWII Bomb Shelter out of a Greenleaf Loganberyy Kit.....but if that was not enough, she also included a British Resistance Hideout underneath the shelter....fabulous!

From another Greenleaf kit, Linda has made a wartime shop – again her unique style has made this into something fabulous!

Another of Linda's creations include a Wartime Terrace House too. The image above is the kitchen in the wartime house.
For full details and more images of Linda's wartime creations, please CLICK HERE

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Mags Cassidy said...

Looks fantastic.