Friday, 7 May 2010

Handicrafts "Artistic House" Design No. 325

Further to the earlier feature on the Handicrafts Annual 1929, I have received a number of interesting emails on the subject, (thank you everyone who sent in your info).  However I just had to show you all this image of a vintage house sent in by a lady from Oxfordshire, based on one of the Artistic Houses, Design No. 325.

Thank you Susanne for your kind permission to show this image of your lovely house.

As with all these vintage dolls houses that were made from purchased plans and components, the actual quality of the workmanship differs greatly due to the level of skill of each maker. Even so, some that were constructed by amateur craftsmen were simply wonderful and Susanne's dolls house is exquisite; the fretwork just beautiful.  Thank you to Susanne for pointing out an article on Handicrafts Houses headed "Fretwork Marches On" in the Spring 1978 Issue of International Dolls' House News magazine (pages 6-7),  written by Margaret Towner.

Margaret in her article says that the plans of No. 325 appeared in 1919  and interestingly that the No. A58 Design (see previous feature on Handicrafts) was issued as a free supplement in the 1923 Handicrafts Annual.  As I suspected, the article states that once Handicrafts published a design, then that design was available for many years, which could  make precise dating of your Handicrafts House a little more complicated.

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