Saturday, 1 May 2010

Handicrafts Annual 1929

I have been lucky enough to get hold of a 1929 Handicrafts Annual and inside are several references to dolls house plans. It appears that like Hobbies, Handicrafts sold plans and components of dolls houses for their readers to purchase.


Now one classic design that I have seen on a few occasions is  the one that is referred to as No. A58 (see above) . In fact, tucked away in Collection 4 on our Old Dolls House Gallery Page, there is a lovely house belonging to Barbara Kendall-Davies which Barbara refers to as the “Fretsaw House”. Barbara tells me that her house is practically identical to the one in the plans but the difference being that hers does not have side windows.

Thank you to Barbara Kendall-Davies for her kind permission to use this image

Now that is interesting, as the advert states that “the above parcel does not provide windows at the side of the House, only at the front.” Therefore presumably, as the advert clearly shows the house having side windows, one must have been able to purchase the side windows separately? The reference number of this house (A58) seems to suggest that this had been available for a long time, as several of the reference numbers of other houses advertised in this same annual runs into treble figures.

To view Barbara's "Fretsaw House"  in more detail plus other houses in her collection, see Collection 4 in our KT Miniatures Old Dolls House Gallery - CLICK HERE
Instructions on how to make this 1929 dolls house that is “Specially Designed For Handicrafts” is given over 5 pages of this same annual. I love the detail of the furnishings. I wonder if anyone actually has this house? Do please get in touch if you do, as I would love to see a photo of it!

Other plans advertised (with accompanying materials & components) are for a"Modern Bungalow" plus a whole set of "Drawing Room Furniture". Then on a following page curiously are two houses that come under an "Artistic Dolls Houses" banner! I definitely have seen Design 325 on a number of occasions over the years but sadly have no photos. So again, if anyone has any of these houses in their possession, I would love to hear from you.

Also in this annual, there are components and wallpaper for dolls houses advertised for sale and I will show images of these at sometime in the near future on here.

Hope you have enjoyed this little peek into the past.  Personally I find these old annuals and handbooks absolutely fascinating, not just for the dolls houses but for the designs of ordinary daily items and the not so ordinary! It gives us a snapshot in time on past trends.


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