Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Denman College Sad News - But New Plans For KT Miniatures Workshops

Sadly, it seems that financial implications caused by Covid 19 has resulted in the wonderful WI's Denman College to announce an intention to close permanently. My July workshop had been cancelled, but now it seems that my workshop for November is unlikely to happen too. 

Details have been a little confusing, and I had assumed that everything had automatically been cancelled. But now I understand that they are undergoing a consultation process and the culmination of that process should happen shortly. I have everything crossed that a miracle can happen, and that they can find a way to keep going, but we shall have to see. 

It is such a lovely and happy place, with amazing facilities and wonderful staff, plus such rich history, that I sincerely hope that it can be saved. 

However...if the worst happens and Denman College does close this summer, I hope to reverse back to my original plan of running KT Miniatures workshops here in Thame (Oxfordshire), next year - Covid 19 permitting. In which case, the first workshop project would be "The Old Potting Shed" scene. Due to the complexity of the project, it would have to be run over 2 days if possible. 

Click on following link to see more photos of the potting shed project, as it stands at the moment:  KT MINIATURES WORKSHOP PAGE

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