Wednesday, 13 May 2020

New Workshop Project - Denman College

If you have been following KT Miniatures website these past few weeks, you will have seen that my Old Attic Room Workshop based at Denman College (Oxfordshire) that should have taken place at the beginning of July, has been cancelled due to Covid19. However, the good news is that I am due to run another workshop at Denman College in November (18th -20th) over three days and two nights. It is a brand new project, and I am pleased to say that I have at last been able to get on with the project prototype. 

So let me introduce you to...

An Old Potting Shed Scene
Even though the background construction has been completed, I still need to create the potting table and accessories. So this scene is really still in mid construction. But at least you can get the gist as to what we will be making from these photos. 

The majority of the recycled materials are literally bits found around the house, such as all kinds of cardboard, egg boxes, food packaging, sand, dried tea leaves, paint and glue. 

The main beam and two side beams, plus a tiny piece around the window frame, are the only commercially purchased pieces of materials, to date. I have deliberately designed this project to be as versatile as I could muster, so the maker has a wide choice of options and layout. 
The window was inspired by an image of a real life size shed window I found months ago on the internet, which I had filed away.  The glazing actually came from the interior packaging of a supermarket pavlova!  

This workshop is initially being offered as a reunion workshop to the ladies who came to last November's workshop, at their request. Any remaining spaces will be offered to those that were booked on the cancelled July workshop. However, the plan is for me to run more workshops at Denman College in 2021, plus a repeat of this potting shed project, so if this project appeals to you and you fancy a little creative holiday away in rural Oxfordshire, then do get in touch with Denman College again when they re-open in July. For the moment, all their staff have been furloughed. 

More details can be found on the following link: 

As soon as I have completed the contents of this old shed, I will show more photos...but for now, it is time to get back to my workbench. Stay safe everyone.
Celia X


Robin said...

Fabulous! It has to be one of your best matie!

KT Miniatures said...

Aw thanks Robin...praise indeed! I am absolutely loving doing this project.Celia