Saturday, 7 July 2018

Four Interesting Little Antique German Items For Your Dolls House...

Just listed to KT Miniatures website over the past few days are four antique  metal items, all believed to be of German origin and all equally interesting but quite different from each other. These are currently for sale at the time of writing this blog. 

Antique Miniature Oil Heater

First up is this little antique metal heater, of the portable kind. There is such conflicting information put out there on the internet with regards to this particular item and it is origin, and must not be confused with the more modern reproduction model of this type of heater. This is genuinely old and came with an antique dolls house from the early 1900s. 

It has no makers mark or country of origin mark anywhere that I can find, but the consensus of opinion is that it originates from Germany from the early 20th century. In the olden days, a real life size heater of this kind could be taken from room to room, as required. 
This comes in original condition, painted in a black and silver finish. There is a movable handle, and this is all fully intact. It stands at a height of 2 3/8" high. 

c1930s German "Anfoe" Vacuum Cleaner
This is a genuine antique miniature vacuum cleaner from the 1930s, marked GERMANY underneath. 
Wonderfully the manufacturers name ANFOE is printed in red lettering at the top of the original black material bag. 
This item is in a reasonably good played with condition, although there is a considerable loss of black paint from the handle.
An added nice touch is the red triangular symbol that is just about still present on the front of the vacuum cleaner. 

c1920s/30s German Miniature Alarm Clock
This is a great favourite of mine. I already own one, so this second example has been put up for sale. 
This is a tiny metal alarm clock, with original paper clock face (albeit a little brown from natural aging), and the original celluloid clock face cover.

On the back it is marked GERMANY and there are some delightful moulded details. Isn't it fabulous!
All these three items can currently be seen for sale on KT Miniatures General Page: 

Large Scale Antique German Cutlery Basket & Cutlery

Here is an antique metal and blue mesh cutlery basket, with 17 pieces of metal cutlery.

This set comprises of six spoons and forks, and five knives, so presumably there is one knife missing?

What is delightful is that every single piece of cutlery is marked GERMANY. 

This is large in scale, more like doll size but would suit an old dolls house where scale does not matter. It can currently be found on KT Miniatures Kitchen Page: 


Connie said...

These are magnificent. True treasures.

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks for stopping by Connie and taking the time to comment:)

KEV. Robertson. said...

Ceilia- very interesting miniatures- I particularly like the Antique Heater ( such a design could be useful for my Project)- thanks for posting. Regards. KEV. (Sydney,NSW- Australia).

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Kev. I have taken a look at your project and eagerly await its progression. Fascinating!! And yes, the little antique heater could sit well in your project. Celia

KEV. Robertson. said...

Thanks Celia - for taking a look at my Project - the Dolls' House Airship. Yes-the Antique Heater would be well at home on such a ship. Had been looking for miniature light bulbs this morning- need to really sort out the lighting and wiring before any timber is cut for the model. Enjoying things now- though it will take some time to complete. My German friend Karl will cut my miniature timbers for me for the making of the 1:18th Furniture- Karl has a large table top saw which he uses for Cabinet Work - he will make light work of ripping the planks to miniature size. I do like your Site Celia and will follow your Project in 1:12th. Regards. KEV.

KEV. Robertson. said...

Celia- I've decided to continue designing for my Project in 1:16th Scale to suit my LUNDBY Doll Sailor Crew. Regards. KEV.